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Test Enanthate 1st Cycle


I`m 22 years old; 78kg (170lbs); 188cm. Wanna be about 90kg (200lbs). This will be my first cycle:

Week 1-12 Testosteron Enanthate (Every Monday and Thursday 250mg) (week 1 ? 1000mg)
Week 4-14 Arimidex (50mg daily)

Week 14-18 Nolvadex (20mg day)
Week 14-17 Clomid (200mg 1st day; 50mg other 20 days)

So what do you say about this cycle? Should I add Proviron and Clenbuterol (When and how much)?


Why would you add clen? You appear to be looking to bulk. Also, I've never run Arimidex, but I don't think proper dosage is anywhere near that high. I could be wrong though. Is that dosage consistant with research you've done?


Start all over. Unless your 5"4, you don't need to be doing a cycle. Read the sticky at the top of the forum, and almost every question that you have can be answered there. For you and the rest of us, that might be a bad thing.



"Wanna be about 90kg (200lbs)."

For the record, at 6"3, and 185lbs 4 years ago (27yrs old), I put on 30 pounds in well under 2 years.. ALL NATURAL, just erating BIG, and lifting BIG....

I have cycled since, and am now well over 250 (between 250-265)..... my point being, if i went straight to the juice over 4 years ago, where did i have to go after that? NOWHERE, but instead i learned things about training, eating, consistency, rest, supplementation, and how my body reacts to all of these factors.

I'm all for hitting the sauce and bulking up, but just a suggestion that if you havent explored and exhausted all other avenues, including as near to max potential as possible in size/strength/consistent commitmenet level (which you are NOT at 170 lbs)
Then you WILL NOT BENEFIT from the juice, in fact you'll probably loose your gains as fast as they come, and blow a great opportunity to surpass your natural limits.

or maybe not. who knows.


Arimidex (50mg daily) !?!?!?!??!

Dude... c'mon now?!?!?
Project for you... find proper Adex dosing and report back....


Couldn't you die from 50mg of A-Dex at one time?


Now, did you just start lifting weights, or were you at it for a while then added 30 pounds?

Just curious (personal knowledge)


Off and on since high school, then serious since then. (4-5 yrs ago)



Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:


Looks fine.


I dont understand your reply? He has asked 3 seperate questions (wants to know about a front load of E, and whether or not to add Proviron or Clen) as well he is not clear on his adex dosage at 50mg? (albeit probably 50 caps at 1mg)

So how does this look fine?
Sure 500mg of test for a first cycle.... but why respond at all if your not going to help a guy out?

Note to self, dont ask this guy advice on cycle. And yes i know who you are, this is why i am responding.

So hows that DNP article coming Anthony? And will peoples half brained attemps at dosing and unanswered questions simply be shrugged of as fine as well.

Please respond. I am confused.


I responded to the question anout the cycle ...note that I quoted the following:

Magnetto wrote:
So what do you say about this cycle?

The cycle looks fine, as is...a bunch of test with a little frontload. That's the "cycle". The rest is ancillary - which I was not commenting on. I commented on the cycle, that is to say the steroid he is intending to take.

However....in my mind...That answers the question "should I add xyz" to the cycle, also...because it looks fine, as I said. In other words, it looks fine, as is.

How's that cycle look? Looks fine to me. The cycle is some test, and a frontload. A fine beginners cycle.

He asked how his cycle looks- and I say it looks fine.

Coming fine.


I like it ex the and the damn arimidex! Why arimi if it's not a Nandralone?????????????Dosage on the test is fine.Look in to clomid rather than arimi. I would rather go with the t3 rather than clen due to sides.I like to pin it with a 23g x 1 1/2.Wasrm your gear a little in a heating pad first...........Just trust me on that.It just goes in much better when it is warm.Hope i helped bro and good luck!



Scratch the part on the clomid bro. Just didn't read the whole post b/f I answered. Prov???????I wouldn't.


Help me out here please.


Week 4-14 Arimidex (50mg daily)

This has to be a typo, i never took more than 1mg per day of arimidex when using 2 grams a week of test, for 500mg i would say .25mg daily is plenty.


I know for a fact that half a mg of Arimidex is = to a full 3mgs for estrogen suppression(the name of the actual study is "Estrogen Suppression in Males").

Hence I always reccomend half a mg (which is what I assume he meant when he typed "50" not ".5"...


With these stats you don't need any steroids. You need to eat, simple as that.



Thanks all of you guys. Sorry that Im writing back so late.
First about Arimidex - I did find different opinions about dosage so I posted 50mg to see what will you say about that. But I couldn
t get it from my dealer anyway, so Ill run Test ONLY (and PCT).
Second - I eat a lot (about 5000cals / 400g protein) but can
t gain more weight. That is why I choose to go Test cycle. (188cm is 6,167 feets not 5,4)
I changed my PCT:
-Week 14-17 Proviron (50mg daily)
-Week 14-17 Nolva (20mg daily)
-Week 18-22 Clomid (50mg daily)

I have only 2 questions left:
Is this PCT good OR it`s better avoid Proviron and stick to Clomid and Nolva 2 weeks after last injection?


Yes that`s right - sorry about that mistake


I am in the 6th week of a Test Enan only cycle, and have gone from 211 lbs to 231 lbs, while keeping the same belt size. I have plateued as far as gaining weight (weight has been steady for 16 days), but I continue to gain strength.