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Test Enan, Winny and Eq cycle help


Hey guys,
I am still in the infancy of planning my next cycle. I am on a bulking cycle right now and getting fantastic results beginning my second month. Gained 15 pounds, lots of muscle and made very nice gains all around.

I gradually went to 750 mg of test e on m/thurs
I do 40 mg dbol a day
I have nolva on hand
and for PCT I have clomid and Nolva ready to roll.

As long as this one ends smooth and I keep to my PCT I want to do a cutting cycle next.

So far, I have thought about Test E at 750mg twice a week.

I am thinking of adding Eq and Winny to the mix as well

Eq at 400 mg per week for 14 weeks
Test e- 750 mg per week for 14 weeks
Winstrol (oral at 25-30 mg a day for 4-6 weeks)

Here are my questions:

  1. How does that cycle look minus PCT if my goals cutting?
  2. Should I stick to oral Winstrol if I don't want to inject it every day?
  3. Should I add anavar or something else to aid in the cut?