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Test Enan/Tren Enan Dosage Help


Hello. New to the forum, but not new to bodybuilding or to pharms.

I have done about 6-8 cycles, but this will be my first in about 3 years. Previous cycles were Test Only, Test/Deca, Tren only, and Test/Tren.

This go around I am looking mainly to maintain my weight while shedding fat.

I am currently 5'11", 240lb, about 18-20% bf, 28 yrs old. By the end of my cycle I hope to end up around 240lb, with 10-13% bf or so.

I only have one 10ml vial of each, Test Enanthate 300mg/ml, Tren Enan 200mg/ml.

My question for the pros is would it be better to run lower dosage for 8-10 weeks, or higher dosage for 6 weeks.

Again, not looking for huge mass gains as my mass is pretty decent already. Just want moderate mass gains with good fat loss.

Thanks in advance.


Get more if you have the option to..


Getting more us not an option at this point due to cost reasons. I spread it thin to afford the two bottles. I just want to get the best results that I can from them.

All of my previous cycles have been 6 weeks except for Tren only which I ran for 10 weeks. All of which gave good results. In fact I was planning on running Tren only this time around but decided to add the test to help with the Tren sides, plus to help with mass

My best results ever came from Tren only. I have read countless posts saying never do Tren alone, but its the shit by itself for me. Just the sides are harsh.

I am just torn between running Tren at 200mg/ week and Test at 300mg/week for ten weeks.......Or Tren at 300mg/week and test at 450mg/week for 6-7 weeks.

After that I need to be able to afford clomid/nova for PCT

thanks for any advice.


If you were tight on cash you should have gotten 2 vials of test and done a test only cycle.

With what you have if you are set on doing it now, and set on those two options only, then the second one would be better IMO but both suck. Enanthate takes a few weeks to kick in, so with the second option only the last few weeks will be awesome... with the first option the doses are too low...

I would say put it back and next time you have some cash get another vial or 2 of tren. Then run a low test/high tren cycle.


Excuse me, this wont help in any way as far as your cycle goes but..

If I was tight with my money... I probably wouldnt use what I have to by roids.. especially if its to buy only "what I can afford"..

Just sayin


Thanks bro. I already took my first shot. So I will run 1ml of each every 4 days. By the time that starts running low I should be able to afford another bottle or two. I will probably scoop another of each and run both for 12 weeks.

Thanks for the advice.


I am not tight for money. Just tight for extra throw around cash that my wife doesn't know about. I am only able to skim about $300 every two weeks to do whatever I want to with. And I am not hardcore about my cycle enough to drop $400+ on juice. I just wanted to get one bottle to get a nice kick start.

BTW I have had gains of 20lb in 8 weeks before from just using one bottle. I didn't keep it all but more than half.

I am not looking to gain 20lb this time. I just want to gain enough that I stay above 230 while dropping fat by about 8-10%.

Thanks BigSkwatta for the real advice.


In the future, tren only cycle ARE a bad idea.

Whats your PCT? You just said nolva/clomid.. Mind listing it out? If there is a flaw in that (or your diet/training) that could be why you only keep a little over half of your gains.


Well honestly, in the past my cycles were short so I usually just used OTC stuff like Rebuilt, or 6-oxo and recovered nicely. Most times I kept at least 75% of my gains. With Tren only I kept almost 100%. I don't know what is so bad about Tren only cycles. Last time I did just Tren I gained 15lb in just 200mg per week for 10 weeks. I kept all that weight and gained more on top of it in the 6 weeks after just taking Geared Up Rebuilt.

I wanted to try a REAL PCT this time. So if you can give advice in dosage for that I would appreciate it too.


Bro, just a heads up if your spending that much on your gear, your getting robbed!! Just sayin!!


I spent $220 for the both. Just that I didn't have enough left over to get two more.

However, I figured that I can afford and am going to get another vial of the Test.

My cycle will look like this:

Weeks 1-7
Tren E at 300mg/week
Test E at 500mg/week

Weeks 8-12
Test E at 500mg/week


Thanks for everyone's advice.