Test Enan Cycle

Okay first off let me say this is not a troll I know it’s my first post. Long time reader, first time poster.Â

I’m 26 / 5’8" / 180 lbs / Training for 3 years

Not until this past year have I got some knowledge on nutrition and gaining size. I started lifting 3 years ago and weighed roughly 220 lbs. (CHUBSMCGEE) I lost about 70 pounds in a year and a half. Not necessarily a healthy drop of weight by any means. I ate less and lifted more, often passing out after my workouts. In the process I lost quite a bit of muscle and felt like I was unhealthy towards the end. Then I decided I wanted to add on lean muscle and not just be skinny, so I started to do some research on nutrition and watching YouTube videos of beast like Ronnie and Jay. I was fascinated by them and told my self that was the next step. Well being naive and impatient I went straight for gear and ran test cyp for 10 weeks at 250. Guess what? I didn’t eat enough and didn’t use a post at all. A couple months after my last injection I weighed less then I did before I started. Incredible job!Â

Now let’s skip the grinding I’ve done over the past year or so to gain 20 pounds naturally and get to my real question. What are your thoughts of my first productive cycle I’ve compiled?

Test Enan
Week 1 750 mg front load
Week 2-12 500 mg weekly

Week 1-5 10 mg x3 Daily

Week 8-12 1000iu 1x weekly

Week 14-16 40 mg daily
Week 18-20 20 mg daily

I’m fine with CONSTRUCTIVE criticism.


I would maybe start the HCG a little bit sooner, maybe around week 3-4, and do 500 iu a week, 250 iu on injection days. Everything else looks fine to me though. Are you going to be using an AI. I would recommend that you have one on hand

I didn’t plan on using one actually since I never responded badly on my initial cycle. My brother used to be a body builder and said that the only thing that caused any kind of sides for him was tren. I’ll have nolva on hand at least until I can get some adex if need be. I’m actually worried more about my BP than anything, any recommendations for that?

Fish oil, Hawthorne berry, celery seed, baby asprin, donating blood if hct is high, etc.