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Test Effectiveness Relative to Size?

Im curious guys… would a test cycle affect a smaller person more than a larger person? for example 5’8 160lbs compared to 5’11 200lbs?
Might sound dumb but I’m curious

Depends on what you mean. If you are saying with those two stated examples if we were to give them each 500mgs a week who would get more mass out of it? It depends on each ones background but I would be betting the larger guy gains more lbs. That being said I would bet the smaller guy has a larger percentage of mass gained. That’s if some how you had two identical examples just one was bigger than the other but they were same age, years in the gym, ect…

With all that said I bet you would see it more on the little guy versus the taller one.

I have seen recommendations that a larger person needs more mg/week than a smaller person. Sounds reasonable on paper, but I don’t know how relevant it is because everyone’s reactions are slightly different. Always best to start off reasonably conservative, and then adjust future cycles based upon how you react.

Each individual reacts differently to test when its administered regardless of size. You can go over to the TRT board and see numbers all over the place regardless of size. Most are on 100mg/week and this puts some men at the top of the range and others need twice as much. Then you throw in other factors such as SHBG etc as to how the body absorbs it. Point being… no, size is not an indicator of necessarily needing more or less test on cycle (assuming two newbs with no prior cycle experience).