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just wanted to know if it was ok to switch sustanon for my test E i ran out of test e and want to extend my cycle to 14 weeks instead of 10 currently
test e 750 wk
deca 300 wk

i was thinking sustanon 250 every other day (1cc) will this suffice? since my blood levels are still pretty high will the sus. pick up where the test e left off and fill in as the same (i won't miss a dose) any help is appreciated....

thanx in advance.......

Sustanon Question
Sustanon Question
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any help is appreciated!


sustanon is a "mix" of 4 different test.
so you have to consider their different half-life.
it's a really good drugs for HRT (it reduce monthly IMs) but it is a "stack" so it must be considered too much different from Test E... (IMO)

However i have to admit that i'm sorry but i have no "real-life" experience.


ok i forgot to say that all i can find right now is sustanon my dickbag dealer ran out on me and has this shit. i also have prop. but thats a different acting ester all together ie (less water retention and in my opinion i was not nearly as strong) i am just hoping to retain the same level of intensity or get as close as i can to it.


boy the help is just pouring in we should call it a read instead of a post!!!!


if you can get prop...just man up and do 100-150 mg EOD for the next 4-6 weeks while your long esters are clearing. sust is not what you would want to switch to at this point.


ok i can do that but just out of curriosity what would happen if i were to do the eod shots of sustanon? i do have it sitting in my drawer you know.


what would happen? well, you stated that you wanted to extend to 14 weeks from 10 if i remember right...injecting sust EOD to week 14 would push back your PCT start time to around week 19....do you wish to be "on" that long?

if you go with the prop you can go to week 14 or so, and start PCT immediately without waiting for those esters to clear.