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Test e with Winny Stack


Has anyone ran a Test E with a Winny inj stack? If so how were the results? IM very curious. I have alot of gear on hand.What about recommened dosages? Thanks for any suggestions


Yes. For me, winny seems to minimize the bloat I experience with test.

Test E 500mg/wk
Winny 50mg/day last 4-6 weeks


Any DHT derivative will do but Winny is far and away my favorite! :slightly_smiling:


Thanks for the feedback guys. I hate pining ED but no pain no gain. Ran Sust 250 w Deca 2 months back..

Went from 188 lbs to 217 lbs..Holding water weight of course but strength & stamina out the roof.

Hoping the Test E w Winni can get me right around 205 lbs but still keep the " Pump" look.


You could take winny pills instead of injecting everyday.


Currently i have the injectable. They say you can drink it? Im not sure if i wanna go that direction. Would E3 day at 100mg be sufficent?


I don't think so, I think the halflife is much much shorter than 3 days. I think most would recommend ED injections.

And I've heard that about drinking injectable winny but never done that myself so I really know nothing about it.


Ok thx TRT..


Can anyone shine light on the topic..the stack..and any experiences with Test and Winni. Heard its badass. Thx for any feedback


What are you looking for? Its a pretty basic combo.


you can drink it, it is nasty but better than pinning ed, just mix in a glass of grapefruit juice,


Is mixing the winny and drinking it,
as effective as shooting it?


thres a hole thread on it I just read it, "drinking winny injectable"