Test E with Dbol and Anadrol Help

Hey I was just wondering if 90 mg anadrol with 25 mg dbol is safe.i had it at 50 mg anadrol and 25 mg dbol but I was considering in dropping the dbol out of the cycle but I wonder if 25 mg would still be safe I’m taking test e as well at 500 mg a week.im taking arimidex every two days at 1 mg


Safe? Maybe. A good idea? Depends on your goals I guess. You’re probably going to get some BP issues, plus you’re taking a shitload of adex which isn’t too kind on your body. Overall I’d say that this combo isn’t one I’d ever touch, but it’s your body.

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How much adex should I take.should I drop the dbol.the adex I take is 1 mg I just read that you take .5 mg twice a week.can I take 1 mg once a week to make it easier

IIRC, Adex will not do much for gyno from Anadrol. Nolva will.

Take Adex to combat sides, not as a protocol from the get go. Get a limp dick, add in Adex.

So what exactly do you want to do? I would only use one of these orals at the same time if it is me. I would just run the 50 mg of drol with the 500 mg of test. Split the drol into two doses a day. With the test being at a moderate level, I think running 90 drol and 25 dbol is going to be difficult to manage for estrogenic sides.

This is a cycle I would stay away from as it just seems so difficult to manage, and also I think I would end up looking like the Michelin Man.

How much nolva should I take.is nolva the same thing as nolvadex.so 90mg anadrol alone by itself isn’t safe.how much adex should I take.my anadrol is 30 mg pills so is 60 mg anadrol safe

Nolva is nolvadex. None of this is safe. It is a calculated risk. You will not drop dead from overdose, but do it long enough, and heart, kidney, and liver issues become more probable than if you hadn’t done it.

Do you have issues currently? Don’t use Adex or Nolva if you don’t have issues. If you do, start with 20 mg a day of Nolva, and see if you can bring it down to 10 mg.

If it is me, I would run the drol at 60 mg vs 90 mg. A study showed that 50 mg resulted in about the same gains and fat loss as 100. See the YouTube channel MorePlatesMoreDates for an in depth explanation on it. Higher doses seem to cause more appetite issues and just feelings of malaise in many.

It sucks I can’t take the dbol but I will be safe and take your advice.my friend is taking winstrol and anavar could he take dbol would it be safe.so the dbol doesn’t go to waste.when should I start taking nolvadex and adex what are the symptoms I should look for if I’m to start using the adex and nolva dex.nolvadex can be used for pct as well right.i got clomid allready on hand.shouldnt I take the adex and nolva on cycle to prevent issues.how much adex should I take.they are 1 mg pills.can I take it once a week

You can save it for later. Next cycle kick start.

None of this is safe. Adding Dbol makes it less safe, and more likely to produce side effects.

Extreme water retention

Use them when these things happen. If just gyno, use only Nolva. If the other two, use Adex. I would start Adex at .25 2X a week, and you can go up from there if you still have issues.

Yes. It is preferred over clomid because the side effects are lower for most people. Most people run it at 40, 40, 20, 20 per week. Wait at least 3 weeks after your last pin to start the PCT.

Split them in half, then do that again to get quarters.

Have you already started this cycle? If you haven’t, please don’t start it, and educate yourself on how to manage a cycle and PCT. I recommend at least a 100 hrs of research. I know it sounds like a lot, but IMO, you should know what you are doing before taking powerful drugs. Many many people fuck themselves up, solely because they don’t know what they are doing. Some get fucked up doing things correctly. Why take more risk than you need too? Only risk getting fucked up doing things correctly. Don’t risk getting fucked up because you were an idiot. Educate yourself!

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Thanks for the kind reply

That’s really dependent on what your e2 is. If you don’t have blood work to confirm a high number then you’ll go off symptoms. What symptoms of high e2 did you have before you started taking it? How have said symptoms responded to that dose? Etc.

I don’t have symptoms.no.and this my first time taking anadrol.i read online that 60 mg of anadrol and 25 mg dbol is safe to take can somebody explain why it’s not.if it’s not which oral is better for gains and is safet

When I said it isn’t safe, I don’t mean in the short term like you are going to overdose. Cycling AAS is bad for long term health. Using more is worse than using less. With anadrol and dbol, you are using two drugs known for heavy estrogenic sides, and also you are using test which is also known for moderate estrogenic sides. It isn’t ideal to have to be using a ton of adex and nolva just to keep estrogenic sides at bay. Adex and nolva also take a toll on your liver and lipids. So you are using 4 liver toxic substances in one cycle. I prefer to use as few as possible.

I prefer to spread my risks if possible, not putting them all in two baskets (estrogenic sides, and liver sides).

Say you can handle 500 mg test without using Adex or Nolva and don’t get unbearable estrogenic sides, but more test does give you sides, and would require Adex or Nolva to handle. Now, if it is me, I am going to pick my compounds in a way that I don’t need all the extra drugs. I might run 500 mg test, and 50 mg of Var or Tbol for example (because these don’t convert to estrogen). No Adex, no Nolva needed. Maybe drop the test a bit and run dbol or drol if that is what you want, but drop them to the point that you can manage E2 sides without all the extra stuff.

Thank you!

No symptoms means no AI. Don’t use it unless you need it. Less ancillary drugs you take the better.

Ok.thank you.what would produce better gains 250-350 mg test e and 25 mg dbol and 60 mg anadrol or 500 mg test and 60 mg anadrol.mpben87 said if I run dbol and drill together I should drop the test a bit but if 60 mg drol would produce better gains with 500 mg test instead of 250-350 mg test and dbol and drol then I would go alone with the test and drol.plus I allready have clomid should I run nolvadex and clomid for pct

The classic 2nd cycle is anadrol or dbol in the beginning of 500 mg of test. Works well for many. You could do it at the end too. Or bridge to pct. See ironyuppies post on doing the oral at the end.

I have been reading here that 50 mg dbol is as strong as 100 mg drol I have done dbol in the past and loved it think I might go with the dbol instead of drol.what compound do you think is stronger and better for gains

Don’t get hung up on what’s stronger vs this or that. The results for you taking drug X will be different than my results on the same drug at the same dose. It’s not about what’s stronger, it’s about what you can get out of what you’re taking and how to do it without bad side effects. You will respond to things differently than the next guy. Sometimes the responses are really similar (ex: everyone gets bloated on large doses of dbol, no exceptions) and sometimes they’re wildly divergent from one another. Play around with doses and find out what works for you.

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What’s the max of dbol I can take I’m guessing 50 mg