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Test E with 6 Week of Tren A


Hey guys

Thoughts on the following....

Running a 12 week cycle

Wk 1 - 6 50mg anadrol
Wk 1 - 12 600 mg Test E
Arimidex eod/as needed

Question is im considering using tren eod from wk 6 - 12. Reasons, I don't want to run tren with anadrol and I'd like to run tren to max strength gains.

Thoughts? Also when too take last tren injection?


I’m running the exact cycle. Except I used Dbol instead of Adrol and I just started tren last week (week6) I plan on cutting the test week 10 or 12 and running the tren during the two weeks the Test clears my system I’m pinning 75mgs EOD… Soooo I suppose to answer your question run the tren during the weeks it takes the test to clear.


What were your goals?

Your thought process has been very similar. Was it a success?


What have your gains been? For me this on paper looks a great cycle whatever the goal.


That’s awesome man. Hoping you are getting the results you want. Bring the split it is important believe it’s a great change up. What have resultsome been?


My goals were/are to put on 10 lbs LBM, lower body fat, gain strength and better definition. To be honest I loved the Dbol I saw results every day. And when I dropped it…(week4) I was a little disappointed with just test… However they say it takes test till almost week7 or 8 to really see the size gains… But I got impatient. I was going to run the tren the last two weeks of my cycle and the two weeks during the time the test clears… But said fuck it started pinning it last week and ordered a few more vials…

So far I’m up about 8 lbs very clean and lean… I’m using 25MGs a day of aromasin so I’m not really holding very much water… The gains have been slow and steady… I’m just now entering the time frame where the big gains are made… So I’m excited to see… Honestly I don’t want to gain too much more weight… For me I’m almost to my goal weight… Once I hit it I’m going to work on bf%…

Good luck with your cycle Adrol and tren sounds like some serious strength gains to come… Be careful… Also look into caber or prami if your going to run tren


Sounds exactly what I’m looking for. Will be interesting seeing the A50 run for 6 weelse. Thinks sending it home with tren ED with Will make it a tidy cycle. Lots of lean muscle


Also be sure to keep your estrogen in check… I had a few hiccups while I was running the Dbol. Don’t keep your Adex on hand actually use it through the whole cycle. Your gunna need to keep your estrogen in total check while using an oral like Adrol… Also have Nolva on hand in the event you get lumps… I’ve heard horror stories with A50 giving people gyno who had never had Any problems before through several cycles… I was so back and forth not using enough AI I thought my estro was too low when In fact it was too high… Finally steadied myself out… Haven’t changed a thing and I’ve been feeling great… So just a side note