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Test E, Wintrol Cycle Advice Please

whats goin on guys long time lurker first time poster.

i currently have 2 vials (10ml each) of test E 250 and 100 tabs of winny @ 50mg
i also have 1 bottle adex 1 bottle exemestane 1 bottle clomid and a few bottles of tamox just incase, also a bottle of clen and a bottle of t3.

a little about me: been lifting since 2010, last year i was 210 natty at 6’2" with around 8% BF and in pretty good athletic shape, did a lot of plyometric training for my cardio (got my box jump up to around 50" not crazy but was good for me), strong bench (225 for 4 sets of 10), decent leg press (8 plates each side for 4x10 - i didnt squat too much because the plyos were hard on my knees) and deadlifting 225 4x10. i didnt max out too much so i cant really speak on those.

i got into a car accident april 11th and the airbag broke my collarbone. i had to get surgery and now have some screws and a plate in it, i just recently got cleared by my doc to start lifting again.

ive been back at it for a few weeks and am looking to start using this stuff. i plan on doing 500mg/wk test e. With 2 vials @ 10ml each, that will last me 10 weeks. Im curious as to when i should start the winstrol and for how long? i was thinking the last 6 weeks of test starting the winny.

pct is 40/40/20/20 nolva
100/100/50/50 clomid
for my exemestane i would dose on cycle @ 25mg EoD
but i do have adex on hand as well (and letro just incase)
any opinions on adex vs exemestane (aromasin)? i know exemestane is suicidal and therefore rebound is not a concern where as adex must be tapered due to chance of estro rebound.


Winstrol* sorry my keyboard blows too much dried up cum JK

I forgot to add my age, i am 23 and this is my last semester at school so im really trying to take advantage of the free time.

Im thinking about my cycle like this

week 1-10: 500mg/wk test
week 7-12: 50mg ED winstrol
week 1-10: aromasin 12.5mg ED or 25mg EoD
pct starting week 12
nolva: 40/40/20/20
clomid: 100/100/50/50

What do you guys think about running the winstrol for two weeks after my last test inject? since it (the test) should stay in my system until about that time.
Also, should i run the aromasin longer? some people say they run their AI throughout the PCT but since aromasin is suicidal (or so they say - wont cause rebound) is this not a problem, and just run it until im off the test like i have planned above?

please anyone? this isnt my first cycle just my first time with aromasin and winstrol please give feedback!