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Test E Winter Cycle


I'm wondering if you guys could give me some advice on my next cycle.

Age: 20
Weight: 76 kg (168 lbs) chicken legs!
Height: 178 cm (5 10")
Fat %: 13.
Training experience: 5 years, 3 last years more seriously.
Cycle experience: 1 - Tbol only 5 week 60-80 mg (kept strength, but not the size...)


Week 1-12 -- 600mg Test E EW
Week 1-10 -- Arimidex 0.5 mg EOD
Week 10-18 -- Aromasin 12.5 mg ED
Week 15-17 -- Nolvadex 40 mg
Week 18-19 -- Nolvadex 20 mg

I do know that I'm young for a cycle, but after this many years in the gym with "low" results I need a boost. I workout 5-6 times a week and always eat good. Around 220-250 g protein, 300 g carbs and 50 g fats. (I normally don't count my macros, but something like that.)

I have 30 ml Test E with 300 mg/ml.

Then I have few questions. Since I got too much test E, would making the cycle to weeks longer be a good idea? or maybe a frontload? (alot of mixed reviews about frontloading though...)

And one thing I haven't found a good answer for yet, if you have gyno before running an testosterone cycle will the gyno get bigger? or? I'm gonna have an surgery for it next year anyway, but just wondering.

How do you think my cycle looks?



Anyone? Seen alot of good answers around this forum, that's why I'm asking.


You weigh 168lbs after atleast one cycle already... You need to learn to eat and learn to train. I am sure some one will help but, I'm not helping some one who has not put his time and is obviously not very knowledgeable. There is no reason you can't put on at least 15-20 more pounds naturally. I am 5'7 and weighed 190-195 my first Knowledgeable cycle at 19. Eat and train.


That's my first and only cycle so far. My weight was at 176 after cycle, but fucked that up with alcohol... stupid. Will never fuck up like that again.
But to go by only weight I personally think is wrong, I will not argument with you, but people have different weights. As for me my weight has always been very low. I do not normally train for maximum strenght, but for volume. If it helps I can just give some idea where my lifts are, don't know if it matter. Bench 245 lbs, deadlift 350 and squat 260 (as said, chicken legs, have a bad knee...). Yes, these are not the best lifts, but not the worst either(?).

If this doesn't matter, still, thanks for your advice. Not trying to start a big discussion, just wanna give out some more info.


I am sorry, but you suck. Steroids won't change that. Now, it is not my decision of you running anything or not( I have changed my attitude on this matter the last couple of weeks) so I am going to offer you some advice.Use Hcg on cycle, 250-500IU e3d is fine. Also, run your arimidex up until your PCT and taper it off into your PCT.

You don't need to use aromasin. Also, lower your test dose. At your weight, even 400mg per week will give you insane gains(IF you eat). I would advice you to use 400mg, see where you are at at week 5-6, and if you don't like the results, up it to 600mg. Also, some people find it helpful to cut the dose in half for the last week of their cycle (like a mini taper). I would do that too.


Why would I not use aromasin? It will free up more test and not cause estrogen rebound when going into PCT. The main reason I chose aromasin in the end of cycle is because arimidex and nolvadex should not be taken togheter, as they work against each other.

Will lower my dose to 400 mg (maybe better so I dont gain to much water weight too), and will up the dose if needed. I'm going for a leanbulk, about 3500 "clean" calories, because I gain fat easily when doing a "dirty" bulk.

Do you have any opinion on frontloading the test?

Thank you for your advice!


I like tapering my AI down during pct. you can still use adex, the Nolva will make the adex slightly less effective but your not running an on cycle dose so not a major issue in my opinion. But aromasin would be better, just run a low dose throughtout and taper off after pct. I prefer tapering off serms as well.


Have aromasin on hand, and will taper down in PCT. Tapering off serms like maybe take a fifth week with 10 mg nolva?

And I have decided to not do a frontload as this is my first meet with testosterone injections, don't wanna catch a "test flu".

Thanks for the advice.