Test E + Winstrol + Sus 250

Hey all

I’m currently 9weeks into my cycle currently running

Test E - 750mg / week
Winstrol - 50mg every day (only started last week intending to use for 4weeks)

My mate gave me a vial of Sustanon 250 to see how I like it however it expires on the 30th of December. I was thinking of trying it at .5ml 3 times a week which would increase my test levels peaked to 875mg a week?

But at the same time would it be beneficial to use it for the short amount of time ontop of my test E or would this be complete madness?

Thanks in advance

I don’t see the point. If you’re 9 weeks in and not currently having issues… why introduce the Sus? You already JUST started winstrol which is known to moderate side effects. Its your body but I’m not a fan of the idea.