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Test E-Winstrol Stack Advice


hey folks this is my first post so take it easy...i would like to do a 12 week cycle of test e and winstrol.im 22 years old 5'9 245lbs bf% ??.10% when i was 225, got a little lazy when i lost my job,had no access to gym.turned into a lard ass n grew tits.just a little tho.still yoked jus a lil soft.

I know im young but i have cycled 2x before.when i was 17 i did a 10 week sust250 cycle at 500mg wit sum letro that i didnt take and took clomid at 100mg tapered to 25mg in the course of a month for pct.the whole idea was fuckin rearded n I regret juicin so young.but...i went from 225natural to 235 and was jacked the fuck up.I have never felt so gud.I was on top of the world.I had been lifting for 4 years.

i was being recognized when i was still tryin to find myself n who i was.BMOC.a while back somone said i was their inspiration in high school.kudos 4 me.but shame on me for juicin as an adolescent but fuck..what can i do, its the past. i was concided and shy and wanted to be the shit, and I was. i was known for bein yoked.the biggest asian ever, people was callin me bolo.high school was brutal but i tried to make the best of it. this cycle was truly the best 10 weeks of my life.

i felt out of control n i was luvin it...in the past year i took a dianabol only cycle also fuckin retarded again not too smart on my behalf or in general.20mg for 12 weeks with a lil hcg week 7 to 10 balls were shrinking a bit.I heard of sum of the old school bodybuilder taking low dose dboll only cycle for an extended amount of time;n they look pretty good lookin even better than alot of pros today who are overdone,cant wipe their ass and got bigass guts from gh.so i figured i'd give it a try.

got good result 230lbs natural for 5 years to 245.not much bloat thanks to aromasin.kept all of it but got fat cuz i stopped working out.i still got it but i got a lil gut and sum fat on my chest.nothing i cant fix in one month time.i am still taking aromasin right now and its been 3 months since i cycled off.pct looked like this 50mg of clomid taperd down to 25mg for 1 month than an additinal month of nolvadex #1 libido killer,for me atleast at 20mg down to 10mg starting on last week of clomid.

took aromasin throughout whole cycle and still taking now 25mg daily.my total test was 403 ng/dl tested in the afternoon still kinda low for my age, most likely from jucin during puberty.i will take a more thorough test in the up comin days.my balls are back in workin order no ed or nothin no more.libdo a little low but i think cuz im killing my estrogen.i want to get back in shape. i will invest a few months before going on again to get back in shape.i bounce back quick tho.

i want to do 250mg or 500mg? of test E for 12 weeks and winstrol for the last 4 at 30 mg just to free up testosterone and block some estrogenic side effects from the test E.i want to throw in sum hcg on cycle and maybe hmg post cycle if i can find it.ima take clomid starting at 100mg tapering down to 25 for 4 weeks and nolvadex at 20mg down to 10 mg for 4 weeks but continue taking for aditional 2 weeks and probably take aromasin during and off cycle.maybe sum letro if my nips itch.

my real question is whether 250mg is enough or should i just go with 500mg, would my receptors desensitize less with 250mg.or just say fuck it and be a beast doing 500mg of test a week.i want what I had at 17, a feeling of being almost invicible.I just want to look gud but need a boost to take me over the top.I need to get it out of my system i've been obsessing of the thought of steroids and how they make u feel. doing constant reserch and planning cycles but not following through.keeping in mind the fact that i might do or probably have done permanent damage to myself.

idont think my testosterone will get any higher at this point but optimistc that after this cycle i will be able to maintain it through proper nutrition and exercise and supplementation pobably throw in sum aromasin.. love this stuff.i got sum pics no recent but one was when i was 17 230lbs and 3 weeks in my cycle of sust250.
http://a2.l3-images.myspacecdn.com/images02/137/852e2c66f9e14f75b18f213f833d620a/m.jpg and the other when i was 20 at a leaner 205lbs.lean for me at least.not juicin in this one and havent been for three years.


do it 8 weeks


Im not sure about you desensitizing your receptors at a dose of 250mg of test a week. What I can tell you is that 200mg a week completely shut down what little was left of my bodies natural production. While your on your natural production is shut down. I think you will see little in the way of gains at a dose of 250mg a week and would be better served with the 500mg dose injecting 250mg twice a week.


Can i get away with injecting once a week




You can inject once a week with your enanthate but less frequent injections cause peaks and troughs in blood levels. Injecting twice a week will create more stable blood levels of test and in my experience causes less sides.


9 paragraphs lol

yeah ok


Do atleast 500\week, inject twice a week, 12 weeks is good