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Test E./Winstrol/Nolva?

Hi guys I just wanted to get your input on this cycle…I have a higher Bf(18-19%) 204 lbs. I have Anthonys book and have learned alot from it. After talking with a couple vets they have suggested the following to me.

Take 4-6 weeks and try to shed about 8-10lbs of fat, then the following cylce for the summer. I was told alot of people in my case do it to gain some lean mass wile keeping the fat gains away and possibly lower br a % or 2. here is the cycle

Week / Test.E / Winstrol / Nolvadex

  1. 250mg/week 20mg/day 20mg/day

  2. 500mg/week 20mg/day 20mg/day

  3. 500mg/week 20mg/day 20mg/day

  4. 500mg/week 20mg/day 20mg/day

  5. 500mg/week 20mg/day 20mg/day

  6. 500mg/week 20mg/day 20mg/day

  7. 500mg/week 20mg/day 20mg/day

  8. 250mg/week ------------- 20mg/day

-Post Cycle Therapy

  1. Clomid 100mg/day and Nolvadex 20mg/day

  2. Clomid 50mg/day and Nolvadex 20mg/day

I was told the nolva run along side the whole 8 weeks will help with water retention and for the fact that I DONT HAVE GYNO…I JUST CARRY FAT IN MY LOWER CHEST…I was told this will help a little…

ALSO this stack was suggested but I cannot figure out why someone would mix d-bol and winny??? Can someone help on this?

Week / Test.E / D-Bol / Winstrol

  1. 250mg/week 20mg/day 20mg/day

  2. 500mg/week 20mg/day 20mg/day

  3. 500mg/week 20mg/day 20mg/day

  4. 500mg/week 20mg/day 20mg/day

  5. 500mg/week ------------- 20mg/day

  6. 500mg/week ------------- 20mg/day

  7. 500mg/week ------------- 20mg/day

  8. 250mg/week ------------- 20mg/day

-Post Cycle Therapy

  1. 100mg Clomid/day and 20mg/day Nolvadex

  2. 50mg Clomid/day and 20mg/day Nolvadex

My main goal would be to drop 10lbs of fat then start a summer cylce. I play baseball so I will be getting cardio in alot so I didnt want to go a mega cycle but a modest one that will give me maybe 10lbs of lean muscle while helping a bit in the fat dept…I will be experementing with mass cycles in the winter…Thanks again
oh yeah I forgot…I used to be a fat fuck of almost 280…I trained my way down to 165…then bulked up for a great while to 200ish…now I sit at 204 18-19% bf…I have my diet in good shape and train very hard…
Thanks for your help guys…this site has helped me achieve many goals and I hope you can help with my next step.


A couple of points for you to thingk about:
1)FRONT-LOAD! Have you heard of this? You want to do this ESPECIALLY when dealing with long-acting esters like enthante. It is where you will inject double the amount you plan to run in week one (some also do this on week 2). So, in your case, you would inject 1000mg test e. in week one, then run 500mg the next 8-10 weeks.
2)I recommend using an AI like anastrozole instead of nolva. I feel that this is a better choice if you want to minimize bloat and estrogen effects. I have used both and I feel that anastrozole (arimidex) is a better choice.
3)I don’t like the use of winstrol(stanozolol). I have never used it, but I know plenty who have (it is one of those “sexy” drugs). From what I have seen, it won’t help much unless you are at an already low BF%. And this would be when you are at the end of a diet. That is the only time you will notice the hardening effect of winstrol.
So, there are some things to think about.


I think im going to run 12 weeks of test E. 500mg week (front loaded w/1000) 4 week kickstart of 20mg ed d-bol…I would like to use nolva and clomid for pct …should I run if for weeks where it is a 12 week cycle? I plan on using TRIBEX and Carbolin 19 after for 12 weeks.

anything thoughts on the best way to run pct in this situation?

A few things to consider:

  1. As mentioned the front load. You want to do 500/wk, then start with 1000 in week 1, or

  2. Scrap the winny (at least till later in the cycle) and keep the test at 500/wk all the way through, but weeks 1-4 do 30-40 mgs of d-bol ed.

  3. 8 weeks is to short, the test will have just really kicked in around week 4 or 5, so i would go at least 10, preferably 12.

  4. Arimidex is a better option than nolva, 1 mg eod, and keep nolva on hand just in case and use it in your PCT.

  5. if you have your heart set on winny, and dont value your hairline… i know this from recent experience, then i’d do 75mg ed week 6-12 ( i use 25 mg orals, not sure if you have oral or inject.)

So it would look like this

week 1-12 Test 500mg/week
week 1-4 d-bol 30-40 mg/ed
week 6-12 winny 50-75 mg ed (ORAL)
a-dex week 1-12 1mg/eod

then your PCT


I agree that the Nolva is a bad idea. That is a long time to be running that and with the current talk of vision problems, I think it offers you no benefits and will work against your cycle.

I htink Winny is a crap drug and would stay away from it. It can be tough on your joints and I think you can do much better with another drug.

If I was you, I would lean out first, because this cycle isn’t going to do it for you.

Im going to lean out a bit…ECA for 4 maybe 6 weeks…then 12 week cylce

what can or cannot I take while on

Power Drive?

any certain foods to avoid or vitamins??

just want to be as safe as possible