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Test E/Winny


This is my first cycle and it looks like this

Wks. 1-10 Test E 500mg/wk 2inj/wk
Wks. 9-12 Winny 60mg/ED
PCT of course

My question is this: I have the winny in 10mg tablets, how should I split the dosages up throughout the day? Should I take one every four hours or space it out so that I take 20mg 3 times/day? Thanks for the help


I think either would be ok. 3 time per day would be much eaiser as one dose upon waking, one mid day and one before bed. Assuming you get 8 hours sleep that would split them up about perfectly.
However I would use the winny during weeks 6-10 at 40 mg a day instead. Assuming that how many tabs you have.