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Test E/Winny/G6+GRF

First Cycle

Main Goal: Recomp - i know, i know

Diet: Recently started the Anabolic Diet a few weeks back

Training: Push/Pull/Legs (off days as needed) and fasted LISS 30-45 mins 5x per week

Week 1 - 1000 mg Test E
Week 2-12(?) 500 mg Test E (2 shots per week)
Week 10-14 (?) 30 mg Oral Winny ED
Week 1-14 0.25 mg ADEX EOD
Week 1-14 100 mcg G6/Mod GRF 2x per day

Will have ADEX and NOLVA on hand

Sooo here are a few questions if any one wouldnt mind chiming in:

Front Loading
-I was planning on doing 750mg day 1 then just continue doing 250 mg every 3.5 days through out the cycle.

Winny dosage
-only have about 100, 10mg tabs so would it be better to do 30mg ED for 4 weeks or 25mg ED for 6 weeks?
-i plan on bridging the 2 weeks before PCT w/ the winny

-i have pre-existing gyno from puberty but wasnt sure if that automatically meant if i was prone to gyno sides while on cycle.
-0.25mg EOD seems like the standard dose so i guess i’ll just stick with that unless any one thinks i should do differently from the get-go

thanks for any help