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Test-E / Winny Cycle


I just lost my whole paragraph. So I'll make this quick as im losing patients.

Looking to do a first cycle. stats are 22 y.o male 5'10 about 178lbs ill attach some pics for bf% as I do not know.

Been training for abut 6 years on and off. How should my cycle look? 500mg a week? start the winny around week 8 then nolva for pct?

If anyone could give me some pointers I would appreciate it. I will be buying everything prior to my start. here are some pics. Any questions I can answer for you feel free to ask thanks guys!


Are your patients dying or just leaving you because you are on here rather than treating them?


Yes this is more important then them.


Haha. I have no experience with steroids so I'm sorry but I can't help. Hopefully someone else will.


Your comment was funny though.


I should put a little more effort into this.. I'm looking to get very lean while retaining muscle mass.

Is 250mg 2 times per week of test-e ok for a first timer?

Weeks 1-12 500mg test-e
Week 8 I'll start winny 50mg tabs everyday

What are the best products to use for my pct and when should I start it?


Yeah that's fine, for PCT get some nolvadex dosed at 40mg every day for 2 weeks followed by 20mg every day for 2 weeks.

And this is just my personal opinion, but you're already beach body lean, summer is almost over, and you don't really have that much muscle. I would be trying to bulk. not cut.


not sure when to start the winny but i think starting week 6 sounds about rite to me. I know you dont want to be on orals for more then that generally speaking because it starts to affect your liver values. and 500mg of test a week is perfect for a first cycle thats what ill be running mine at




Thanks for the response. I do have a bit more muscle than the pictures are doing justice. But I would like to bulk up a bit more and loose about 15 lbs of fat.

Also will I have to worry about gyno, or bloat? If so is there anything I can to take to reduce water retention.


arimadex .5mg eod


These threads are fucking retarded. You're asking when to use winny and people are responding when they "think" is the right time to use winny......and the whole time you haven't even proposed how long your cycle is-- and that's the least of the problem with your lack of a cycle layout. What the fuck has been going on around here? Fucking people in other threads afraid of needles and just...the dumbest shit I have ever read. That other thread is 10 times worse than this one. I just couldn't in good conscience respond to it or my head would have exploded.

Sure go ahead and use winny in week 8. Who knows how long your cycle is, but the #8 sounds lucky.


well i guess we call all assume its a 10 week cycle with winny as a bridge or a 12 week with winny added in a highest blood test levels...seeing as thats a pretty universal cycle length for a first time user.......my head just imploded.


Yes this is going to be a 12 week cycle, as I kinda mentioned in one of my other posts.

do you think week 8 is a good time to start winny? I'm just looking for some advise from people who have done either of these, so I can get the best results possible.


Posts like these are not really helping to all these "retarded" threads. So unless you're a smart dude that can actually contribute to this thread, don't post anymore.

To everyone else thank you, and keep it coming.. I'm looking to start on the 5th of Sept.


Why don't you go stick a syringe up your dickhole, shithead. You couldn't even follow the STICKIED THREADS THAT CLEARLY EXPLAIN WHAT YOU NEED TO INCLUDE IN YOUR CYCLE LAYOUT POSTS IF YOU WANT FEEDBACK. If you're so stupid you can't figure that out, then you have no chance of figuring out when the proper time to add compounds to your cycle will be. How about you do some fucking research on your own and quit being such a waste of carbon.


Retarded people shouldnt use steroids unless theyre also taking neuroleptics. You might attack the nursing staff.


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Roid-rage? Obvious troll is now obvious. Use winny in week 12, PCT week 1-4. Good luck with your AS research goals in 2011.