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Test E + Winny [Cutting Cycle]

Hello forum,

I am planning on starting a cutting cycle consisting of Test E and oral Winny. I was wondering what would be the ideal dose of Test-E for as to not cause bloat but still help out with the cut. I know that Test E is not ideal for cutting but cardio and diet will be in check, I will also incorporate Adex to help out with water retention. Proper PCT after cycle.

So far here is what I have come up with from my research:

Weeks 1-8: 350mg test e
Weeks 1-6: 50mg winny ED
Weeks 10-12: 40mg Nolva ED
Weeks 12-14: 20mg Nolva ED

I have read to take the Adex .5mg EOD, is this correct?
I also have some Clen on hand, I will incorporate if I feel I need an extra boost.

11% BF
6 years training

With the adex will I still see minimal bloat? Or does it completely prevent it from happening?

  • First time using test-e and winny… all I could get my hands on…


I dont really see an issue with going as high as 500mg/ week with the test since you are using the adex. If your diet is very clean (watch the sodium) and you are leaning out the whole time plus you have winni which I believe will lower the estrogen of that cycle already I think you will be happy with the results. Also if nothing else try 500 if it is too much water for you then drop it down. If it were me I would also do a front load for an 8 week cycle of test E.

Ok, thanks bro.

So Adex is ok .5mg EOD? I seem to read conflicting views on the subject.

You will really have to try and see for yourself if you have the dropper form I’d start at .25 ED but if pill then yea 1/2 tab eod will be fine and if you start to see any estro sides or too much water retention then go .5 ED but that would be the max i could see for this cycle.