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Test E Wiki Question

I frequently look up random things on Wikipedia and today I was looking at Test E and a specific line caught my attention:

Resistance training increases testosterone levels,[49] however, in older men, that increase can be avoided by protein ingestion.[50]

Does this mean that increased protein in older men actually decreases T levels? I’ve never heard this before, can someone explain.

Found the answer on my own, if you were wondering as well, here’s the deal:

So a high protein intake lowers total T levels and raises cortisol levels. These are both detrimental effects. However, protein lowers SHBG and increases GH secretion. These are both beneficial effects. Given these conflicting effects of protein on hormone optimization, the best recommendation would probably be to keep protein intake at a moderate level. But before discussing what “moderate” would be, another issue in regards to protein needs to be addressed.