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Test E While Leaning Out?

Hey guys!
I’m on my first Test E cycle, if I was to stay/go into a caloric deficit, what kind of things am I likely to see in terms of muscular gains? Or am I best off eating a bit more and milking the gains?
Sorry for the rookie question!

In my opinion test only cycles are best for bulking. There is much better drugs for cuts and recomps if your running test only focus on bulking.

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What other drugs do you like for cuts and recomps?

When I think of cut drugs like masteron, proviron, anavar, eq, primo come to mind the last two could be easily used for a cut or bulk.

For recomp I think tren is probably the superior choice. Due to the high androgen rating and nutrition partitioning effects it has along with stimulating the cns it makes for a great choice. Especially run along side other cutting compounds.

Ultimately you can use almost any drug for a cut or bulk. That doest make it optimal tho. These drugs were designed to accomplish certain goals. This leads into my argument of blasting high dose test cycles over and over again is over rated but il avoid that rant for now.

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In reply to Zeek or myself?

Personally this is the first cycle I’ve of anything I’ve done so if anyone had any suggestions for recomp that’d be awesome also :slight_smile:

I was asking Zeek’s opinion. He is well versed in AAS use and I’m curious.

Best advice is don’t attempt a recomp for a first cycle.

In an ideal world a first cycle would be run when your at a low BF% with a solid muscle base.

What are your stats? Height/weight /bf%

Not the bathroom scale bf but a dex scan or bod pod scan.

Either way I think a first cycle should always be a bulk (if you need to cut on a first cycle you shouldn’t be using gear yet anyways) and I think it should always be testosterone only at a relatively high dose 500 week


Sounds good! Wise words haha

I could give you stats based on an educated guess from stats I’ve got from scans in the past? But wouldn’t be 100% accurate to the %

I would suggest a bod pod scan they are pretty cheap and quick. I think having an accurate BF is just as important as having pre cycle bloods. Height and weight are fairly meaningless without knowing an accurate bf. Some bathroom scales can get close but for instance mine has me at 20+ when my last bodpod had me at 14.

What would be your educated guess?

Oh yep that’s totally a good call man. I had all pre cycle bloods done :slight_smile:

Height: 5.8feet
Weight: 198pounds
Age: 23
Training Years: 3
BF%: 15%

At that height and weight and that body fat your a pretty damn big fella.

You have no previous aas use or I’d probably suggest some different compounds but thats cool. Go with the test only you dont need to bulk that much more so focus on clean gains. I would suggest staying in a slight caloric surplus see how your body responds to a test only cycle then on the next cycle focus on a cut.

If you have access to anavar maybe even add some to the end of the cycle.

I wouldn’t run a cal deficit for a first cycle tho it just goes against what I believe in a proper lean bulk doesn’t necessarily mean raising bf%

Hahah pretty damn big fella as in muscley or too fat? Haha :slight_smile:

Sounds good, yeah was considering adding in some anavar at the start or end, not entirely sure how or when to add it in! Really appreciate the help :slight_smile:

Was probably going to run a little above maintenance and going through it as a clean lean bulk, try get decent gains without the fat increase.

If the bf is accurate you can’t be considered fat so you are pretty muscular for that height and weight.

I started my most recent cycle at 6 foot 228 14% BF and people generally assume I use steroids. They aren’t wrong but my point is I’m of decent size. So your 4 inches shorter and 30lbs lighter with pretty much the same BF so I imagine that would equate to a similar body composition.

Last 6 weeks would be fine But I would only add it or any oral for that matter if everything with the testosterone is going well. If you have issues with testosterone sides then don’t throw more drugs in the mix. You need to be able to use testesterone like it’s water. It’s going to be apart of all future cycles so you need to master it first. I’m not a big fan of testosterone blast (unpopular opinion hear at T-Nation) I personally think it’s cheap and dirty(different discussion) but the bottom line is you need to know how you handle it because it’s not going anywhere. Once you get that down the candy shop is open for your chosings and in the future if you add compound A or B to your test and you feel off you know it’s not the test because you know how you handle test so you remove the problem compound and try another.

Don’t ever use a compound tho because someone online suggest it I can suggest a handful of shit but you need to do your research on it understand all the risk involved have a general idea of what you want to dose it at etc before ever touching it.

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I guess you’re probably very right there!! Yeah I’m not a small unit haha eat good, train hard and get results man, it’s the only way about it!

That’s what I thought, that’s basically what I was thinking behind my Test only cycle for a start, just see how my body responds, how sides go, I don’t want to just whip up a cocktail and take the ride haha.

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