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Test E Water Retention?

Any help?

Currently just started my 2nd week of a Test e 250mg/week Only cycle For 10 weeks.

Started at 6’2 211 lbs 12-15% bf. I know diet is key and I’m not a big eater so made the effort get this on point. Started at 3500kcal (which I know is fairly low for cycle wanted to see where things go)
First week struggled and thought that’s a lot more food compared to normal. Week 2 feel like I have an increased appetite and could go little higher.

However stepped on the scales and I have put on 8.5lbs in the space of 9days! Plus work clothes were tight as fuck today! This can’t all be muscle or fat? So I’m guessing it’s water retention? Do feel like I have added fair bit fat but this can’t be off a 3500 clean diet or could that be too high for me? Or is it water retention making it look like that?
Also took socks off from the gym tonight and had two massive marks on calfs off where my socks have been so would this be water retention around that area ?

Macros protein 50% carbs 35% fats 15% give or take.

A bit lost any help would be great? Just never really read much of people getting water retention off test cycle?

Sorry I would say more 15-17% body fat percentage.

Well, it isn’t all fat if you have only been eating 3500 calories for 8 days. A lb of fat is around 3500 calories of energy, and you put on 8 lbs. For it to all be fat, you would have to have a caloric need of 0 calories (meaning every single calorie you ate converts to fat).

It is probably water weight. Some get more than others.

Exactly what I was thinking haha!

Where do I go from here? Does it get better or worse as the cycle goes on or what?

Anyways of dealing with this that you’d recommend?

Well there are ways of dealing with it. You could use an ai, but I don’t recommend that especially with your dose. Some diet can be done to help. Look at salt intake. Otherwise ride it out. Estrogen is anabolic (and cardio protective, good for joints, etc), so not lowering it is wise unless you have to.