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Test E vs Test Cyp

Hi to all,
as far as i have read test e and test cyp are quite the same (of course, they are both testo…), the main difference is in half-life.

is this true, or i’m missing something?

there pretty much interchagable test cyp. has a ity bity bit longer half life i think or it may be the other way around.

cyp as a longer half-life

they are essentially the same. I read arguments all the time, though, where people say that they had better results with one ester. But I don’t think any of those arguments are valid. Whatever is cheaper.

I’ve used both.Can’t tell any diff.Test E is hard to beet though.


Typically test E should be a less painfull inject. They are simmilar in halflife, and are basically just the north american, and european versions designed for the same usages.