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Test E vs Test 400


I am planning my first cycle, and I am very close to having it sorted, thanks in no small part to some very helpful posters on this site.

I was planning on running Test E at 500mg a week, but it looks like I may only have access to Test 400. How would that affect my dosing?



What exactly is "Test 400"? What type of ester? It sounds like a type of sust, but I'm not sure.


good question! I was hoping someone'd know...


enan & cyp primarily, with a sprinkling of prop.


cool man, thanks for that. If my cycle was based on using 500mg of test E a week, how would I mirror that with test 400 or is it basically the same thing (and so same dosage)?


Since it has prop, you'd need to shoot it every other day, and I'm assuming 400 means 400 mg/ml so you'd need to shoot 1 and 1/4 ml per week to equal 500mg.


Hahaha a "sprinkle".
I literally l-o-l-ed when i read that.
Good call.


ok, so I would seperate 1 and 1/4 ml into like 3 doses spread over a week?


test 400 is going to hurt like a bitch unless its ph balanced s try and not do any more than 1ml in a single place at a time because it might affect training :slightly_smiling:



Yes, it tends to be kind of painful. If that's what you (OP) have, then don't worry about it, you'll be fine aside from some PIP. That stuff is really just produced off the "legacy" of the old Mexican products that used to be brought into the States commonly (due to it's high concentration). Next time try to hold out for the enan.


yeah I've heard that it hurts like hell. Can't say I'm looking forward to that but I'm sure it gets easier as the cycle goes on. Besides, my leg training day usually has me limping for most of the week anyway.

One more question though, you say not to shoot more than 1ml at a time into any one place, but I thought because it has prop in it I need to shoot it a couple of times a week anyway, so surely that shouldn't be an issue? (I feel I may be asking a very stupid question here - I'm new to all this!)


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as it happens, I fpoiund out tonight I may be able to get my hands on some sustanon, which I think I'd prefer to the test 400. I think I'll have to start a new thread about the different forms of test. Foolishly, I assumed test was just test. Complicated business this cycle planning!


Agree ^ The one I use is 200cyp and 200enan ,no prop.


update: sustanon doesn't sound as good as the test 400. All I really care about is getting a test I only have to shoot twice a week. The 400 (assuming it has no prop) would fit the bill, but I guess that just depends on what it is blended from


I hope this is just a sick joke.


well I didn't think it was sick particularly...

besides, I'm a noob! Surely I can be forgiven the occasional stupid question?


go for the 400!!!