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Test E vs P


which do you prefer and why? I'll be using a gram/week coming up in a few months for 10 weeks. Just looking for some input. P packs more , but everyday shots dont seem appealing.


Its user dependent. I like prop-I look forward to pinning and with a good source it shouldnt have toooo bad of a bite to it.

But I also love Enth frontloaded, just have to wait for clearing time before pct. Thats the only difference for me. Its really up to your goal for cycle and convenience.

If I was going longer than 6 weeks id use Enth, that just makes more sense to me. But there are guys out there that pin ed for longer weeks like 10. I just wouldnt.


yeah thats the only thing that kept me from P, everyday pins. But it sounds real appealing for a cutting cycle, given lower water retention, and if I'm correct it carries more test mg for mg.


I prefer P at almost all times.

Yes holds more test per ester, but that is somewhat irrelevant as you can adjust dosages as you like.

Remember you can use 29 gauge half inch pins in your delts and pecs, etc as long as carrying too much bodyfat. They make everyday injections easy and relatively painless.


I've done ED injections for 10 weeks... with Test E. Why? Stable blood levels, and I like doing small volume injections in lots of different sites. I'd have no problem doing it with Test P, really, although I think it makes more sense to use it for shorter cycles.


Ive no noticed no difference at all with water retention. Unless you are getting extremely lean I wouldnt even consider that a pro or a con.


fuck I'm gunna need more pins haha. good info., thanks for responses. I think I'll give P a go, ED pin. I finally realized what garbage sustanon really is, even with EOD pins feels like a rollercoaster up and down. I never really noticed it this much before.


Why not use both?




Even if you use both you need to pin ed. And then you still need to wait 14 days for the ester to clear for pct.

Only way that makes sense to me is to cut the prop hoping to min. discomfort. Wont hurt anything.


You can run Test E for, say, 8 weeks and then drop it and use Prop for the last two. But I can't see why you'd want to run both simultaneously.


Both makes sense. But not both for the whole cycle.

Kickstart with prop and frontload the test E. Or do that AND come off with the prop. 10 weeks of test E. Start up the prop again in week 9 and run it while the test E clears. Then you can start PCT and avoid going two weeks without injections.


I might try that. It should make recovery easier. I'm gunna run tren with it, this will be end of Feb., getting in that summer shape :))

how much tren would be best with a gram of test Ill be taking? Most tren I ever did was 200mg/week and there were some sides.


the only thing that trips me out about test E is that the last time I did it, a couple years back, I got a cough everytime I shot up. At first I thought I was shooting into a vein and the oil was traveling to my lungs, but after multiple injection sites it didnt change. Kinda bizzare


Sounds like the prep, not the ester. Which is also somewhat my theory on "tren cough".

Alot of guys report horrible coughs from tren, Ive never really experienced that, but I can attest to the general feeling of "out of breath" all the time while on it, unpleasant but not a deal breaker for me.

I think BBB IV-ed a fair amount of tren as a test and didn't die from it clearly....

Lung spasms, oil hitting the heart/lungs, whatever...

Test E is probably the MOST common injectable used. maybe the most common steroid besides dbol

Not something I would concern myself with in your specific case.