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Test E vs Gel


im on hrt and im just 21, that means thyroids, growth hormone and testosterone. i have been feeling like shit for the last couple of years following a serious injury and recently found out that my hormones were a mess.

Now im getting meds for it all but i was wondering now, im on testosterone gel which is 10%, 2 grams per day and i was seeking a more cost efficient method. I was offered Testosterone enanthate, I believe it would be more convenient but does it have any particular drawbacks vs. the gel (anything particular to do with my age or anything else?). Surprisingly i have never had issues with erections, just depression fatigue and all the other symptoms of low t, my doctor wants me to be closer to 9000 because 4000ish is normal for a 70yo male…

Testosterone: 3900 range 3000-10000ng/l
Estrogen: 32 or 34, cant remember the range but maximum was 30

bump, no comments on test-e vs gel ?

I remember KSman in the ‘Protocol for Injection’ sticky goes over the drawbacks to Gels/Creams. One major one is you can have bad absorption rates, inability to keep levels where you want them, and Gels cause higher spikes in Estrogen than does injections. That last bit sounds like why your E2 is so high.

Also, read the sticky ‘Advice for New Guys’. It has a questionnaire guys on this site would like you to post about your situation so we can best be able to help you out.

hey, thanks for the reply.

those figures are before i took any meds, so i have high estrogen naturally.
i have not gotten bloodwork done after i started the gel