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Test E & Var Cycle Help

What’s going on guys, firstly thanks for your time and thanks in advance for any replies.

Looking to start running my test e and anavar cycle real soon but after researching and reading forums there seems to be a hell of a lot of mixed information and opinions.

Goal: continue with stripping body fat.

I’ll be running 500mg test e a week(split over 2 pins) for 8-10 weeks
50mg Var ED.
My question is more to do with Tamoxifen, this is all my current supplier offers however I’ve read to keep it on hand, to run 40mg a day and to not bother at all. So what would you recommend?

Nice again I appreciate any help given, help a brother out.

Well you’ll need the Nolva for pct. But you may not need it on cycle (most don’t). But if you are sensitive to e2 issues then you’ll want to have an AI available as needed.