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Test E + Var Cycle Check

Age: 21
Height: 5’8"
Weight: 185
Bf: ~10-12%

Goal: LBM

1-12wk Test-E 500mg (250mg monday, 250mg thursday)
1-12wk Adex 0.25mg ED
5-12 anavar 50mg ED
1-12wk 20mg ED

12-14wk Adex 0.20 | Tapering
14-16wk Adex 0.10 | Tapering
14-17wk Clomid

  • I want to avoid gyno or any sides at all cost.

Frontload the test E and run it for 8 weeks. Run the var for the last 6 weeks (5-10) and start PCT 11-14.)

Also, read the SERM and AI sticky one more time to see why you’ll want an AI during your cycle and not a SERM (nolva.)

Out of curiosity, how much LBM have you gained in the last 10 weeks?