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Test-E/Var Cutting Cycle

Going to start my second cycle soon. I’m currently cutting.

Previous cycle was 600mg test EW with adex and hcg throughout. Nolva for PCT. Made some good gains

I want to try cutting a bit more fat that I want to shift.

Was thinking:

Week 1-12 : Test-e 400mg EW
Week 4-12 : Anavar 60mg ED

Adex and hcg throughout

27 years old
220 lbs
Around 20-25% bf

Does that seem sensible?

Your bf is between 20-25% and you want to run a cycle? That’s not terribly smart. If you’d like to cut then perhaps you could just, you know, cut. No need for a cycle to get the first 5-7% of that bf off. Guys who run cutting cycles do so when they’re already lean enough for it to make a difference. At 25% you should be able to cut for a few months without needed anything other than a better diet.


what was the results of your first cycle just out of curiosity ?

I’m thinking 400mg test / week is going to really boost your appetite . . . . plus some water retention, not the objective your’e looking for. Is Anavar usually run as high as 60mg/day ? that seems a lot . . . .