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Test E, Turanabol Price?


My source is legit but checking in on nowaday prices too see how bad they are robbing me..

Test E 250mg/ml 10ml - 170usd
Turanabol 10mg - under $1usd a pill

Thanks in advance brothers...


lol, I don't even...


Sus250 10ml $113




yeah bro thats a rip off!


All thee above huh? Thnx for lookin out.. Anyone give me a better idea of what it should be closer too? I've gotten it cheaper just turned out to be bunk so paying more for reliable legit gear is what i'll have to do until I find someone better.


40 to 60 USD per 10mil bottle, maybe 70 for domestic shipping but I get it for 40 to my door. And it aint bunk!


hahahah omg


50 is an ok price for test. 70 is doable if you live in a small town. 100+ is being taken for a fool.


lol jesus.

Test E should be around 30-60
Tbol is expensive, slightly cheaper than var


Most people.. 40-60 for test
With a good hookup, 20-40


Damn, I wish my prices were like that haha.


Its not that hard to find a good sponsor




On other forums they refer to the juice vendors as "sponsors", who pay for advertising on their boards.