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Test E, Tren, EQ Cycle


I was planning on running a 12 week cycle:

Week 1-4
Test E-- 250mg
Tren E-- 200mg
EQ-- 400mg
Dbol–100mg ED
Anastrazole-- 0.5ml EOD

Week 5-8
Test E-- 500mg
Tren E-- 400mg
EQ-- 400mg
Anastrazole-- 0.5ml EOD

Week 9-12
Test E-- 500mg
Tren E-- 400mg
EQ-- 200mg
Anastrazole-- 0.5ml EOD

PCT starting after 7 days
Week 1-- 40mg per day
Week 2-4-- 20mg per day

Any tips or tweaks would be much appreciated!!


To clarify I have 20cc’s of Test E (250mg/cc), Tren E (200mg/cc), and EQ (200mg/cc) and 100 Dbol (25mg) pills. I was looking to use it in the most effective manner possible. Thanks so much!


We need some info on your previous cycles.

Have you ever used tren before?

EQ dose is too low.

Four week pct after 12 weeks of using a 19nor and no hcg?


I’m guessing you’ve probably never ran any of these compounds?


I’m not a gyno prone guy at all but 50mg of dbol ED gave me some hardcore tits. I wouldn’t go above 30mg in the future.

And PCT starts 7 days later? Do you know anything about half lives? You’ll still have suppressive levels of AAS circulating at least 6 weeks after your last pin. Lol @ 7 days.



eq dose too low and cycle too short


That much EQ isn’t really going to do anything for you. Tren is a big boy compound… So if this is your first time running it, or any cycle, you might wanna take it a little easier. If it is your first cycle, the Tren sides can be a bitch until your body somewhat adjusts to them. Also, with running long ester compounds like enanthate (E), you should consider a longer cycle. It can take the longer compounds 4-6 weeks to really “feel” it…I’ve had good luck with running 16 weeks cycles on longer compounds. 12 weeks will work but I wouldn’t go much shorter with LE compounds. It’s good to know half lives of what you are running.


Thank you! It is my first time running Tren. I could modify this cycle to go 16 weeks and lower the dbol since I clearly got bad advice on that.

Test E (500mg) Weeks 1-16
Tren E(200mg) Weeks 1-16
Dbol (50mg ED) Weeks 1-4
Arimidex .5ED Weeks 1-4, .25 ED Weeks 5-16

Weeks 17: Arimidex .25 ED
Week 18 Arimidex .25 EOD
PCT start week 19 for 4 weeks; Nolva 40/20/20/10

Let me know if this looks better! Thanks so much guys


Thank you. I will move Dbol down to 50mg and start my PCT 2 weeks after? Is that what you would recommend?


I have run one cycle, 16 weeks, 500mg Test E, 100mg Dbol first 4 weeks.

are you saying 4 weeks pct is not enough? I am guessing I should run 600mg of EQ for the full cycle or not even bother.


I would use the Dbol at the end of the cycle while waiting for the longer esters to clear and start PCT 21-28days after your last pin but I prescribe to the stasis/taper method.



You haven’t given any indication as to your goals, lifting history or current condition so i don’t know if this is suitable for you or not but its up to you what you do anyway

With the stock you have i would say that this is the best cycle that you could run;

wk 1-10 500mg test e
wk 1-10 400mg tren e
wk 1-6 dbol 50mg ED

That’s a solid cycle.

I think this uses all of the test and tren that you have and you don’t need to run dbol any higher than this. Run dbol anywhere from 4-6 weeks its up to you.

I don’t think you have enough EQ to make it worthwhile adding it. I’d want to run it at 600mg minimum for 12 weeks really and you don’t need to add in two new injectables at once.

I wouldn’t run dbol running into PCT. This can work well with some orals but i don’t think it will make the best use of dbol, especially in a cycle using longer esters.

Arimidex or aromasin during the cycle and tapered into PCT.
HCG during cycle can be used
You might want caber on hand but if you control estrogen it probably won’t be needed.
Nolvadex for 6 weeks for PCT 20/20/20/20/10/10 starting two weeks after last injection.

*if you can get more test and tren you could extend to 12-16 weeks. I think 12 would be fine - Tren can get worse in terms of sides the longer you run it and will damage lipids.