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Test E, Tren E


1st question: Recommended dose of tren e per week and cycle length.

Thinking 800 tren e (400 e3d)
With 250mg test e.

Goal = lean gains (around 8kg net of muscle 5 as a min, slight recomp as I will start cycle around 7% possibly lower.

Will finish with stanazol. Give recommendations on this dose please. Thanks (obviously 0.25mg arimidex eod and prami at 0.5mg ed)

2nd Question: Should I run prami from the start?


Run for 12 weeks seeing as your using the longer esters. Put up your PCT too if you want that checked too. Run Prami from the start.


Pct is clomid nolva combo

Clomid 100 for 30 days
Nolva 20 for 45
Optional hcg blast

(Scallys plan)

Will use hcg on run 2 x 250 starting week 3


have you used tren before? if not, might want to think about getting some ace just in case you get some nasty sides and want to discontinue or lower dose. 800 is a pretty hefty first run with it, but the low test should minimize the sides.