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Test E + Tren E + Something Else?


I’m planning to do a cycle of test e and tren e
I have done it before, but this time i want to add something to it.

I was thinking maybe mast e

Any toughts anyone?

Cycle would be

1-12 500 test e
1-10 400 tren e
1-10 400 mast e


1-12 250 test e
1-10 400 tren e
1-10 400 mast e

And after that ofcourse pct

I have done 16 week test deca cycle before
Also a cycle with low test high tren and a cycle with +/- equel test tren

And started off few years ago with just test cycles

Stats are
91 kg
15% bodyfat

Lifts are bit weak due to back injury

At 15%bf, you probably won’t notice the effects of mast much. At least that’s the common statement. I’ve only taken it with test prop and tren prop at a similar bf, so I can’t say I could differentiate very well. I had taken test before, so I could identify the addition of tren (especially due to the sides), but mast was more subtle. From everything I’ve read though, unless you are already sub-10 you won’t notice anything from mast.

I would have to disagree with this.

Im currently running a test, tren, mast cycle and started the cycle at %14 BF. While I don’t notice the visual effects as much I have noticed muscle hardening, increased libido and just makes me feel overall good. Masteron will also lower your shbg allowing for more free testosterone(this is beneficial for me because I run low dose testosterone and high tren ). Then there is the supposed synergy running a DHT derivative has with tren. Some will even suggest mast or something similar(proviron) should always be incorporated with a tren cycle.

Mast IMO is relatively side effects free as long as your not prone to MPB. You could probably add the mast and still use something else like anavar or another oral of your choice.

oke so i will take masteron with it, also less chance of getting bitch tits

and also the goal is to lose fat so it will become more effective during the cycle.

just thinking, should i do like 500/500/500 (brand is all 250/ml)
or 250 test and the rest 500?

You said you have previous cycles where you had various doses. Which one worked the best?

I like low test high tren and I keep the mast between 5-600mg /week

best was equal test and tren
but i think the gear was better then
when low dose i upped dose to 200 test and 600 tren and still not same feeling as other gear

I have some winny at home, should i Kickstart the cycle with it?

Pros and cons please