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Test E & Tren E - First Cycle

Hi guys. I’ve been running Test E now for 6 week as my first cycle at 600mg per week. I’ve had some good size and strength gains and absolutely no side effects. I plan on doing a 12 week cycle.

I’ve got Trenabol E 200mg/ml that I was thinking of adding to my cycle but not sure what dosage and for how long, or even if I should at this stage.

Stats are 166cm, 92kg, 34 to and 20% body fat. I’m currently at a calorie surplus of 10% above maintenance. I’ve put on 4kg so far with about 1kg being fat.

I want to continue to lean bulk so should I introduce Tren? How long for and at what dosage? If I do, what would your recommend in terms of calories?

My goal is to stay around 90kg but get down to around 12% body fat.

Cheers fellas

0mg/w for the next two to three years. No tren on a first cycle. No tren e as your first tren experience.

First cycles are supposed to be designed for ease of management and tren is quite literally the most complicated drug you could add. Further, if you need it on a first cycle it means that you’re not training or eating right. Tren is for guys who are either stepping on stage or guys who have been cycling for a while and are advanced enough to need it. And not for nothing, if you’re planning to PCT then tren is an absolute no-no.


Ride this out. Don’t add compounds until what you’re taking now stops working.

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If your goal is to get lean, you must eat at a slight deficit. On cycle there shouldn’t be any muscle loss but cycling to cut is not the smart way, so I would bulk further like you intend to do if I understood you correctly.

Maybe get up to 98-100 kg and then cut from there. You’re in a slight surplus (I mean if 3000 is your maintenance, you’re eating 3300 kcal) so on cycle there shouldn’t be 1 kg fat gain in 6 weeks. Maybe you estimate that incorrectly because of the water and glycogen Test adds. Then after your cycle, maintain for the duration of PCT and a bit afterwards, then cut.

How much are you eating per day on average?

Also, no Tren please. That really isn’t necessary for your goals, you risk a lot and you do real damage to your body on Tren. Also, it’s hard to manage sides (for a lot of people impossible). Tren is reserved for people who compete at high levels and retards who don’t care about their well-being and health.


As much as I will preach against Tren use it’s kind of like telling teenagers not to have sex… it’s a powerful ass drug so if you’re gonna use it you really do not need more than 300mg a week

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That’s some very sound advice thanks. I wasn’t completely aware that tren was that full on.

I’m seeing great outcomes from my first cycle and I’m only half way through so a while still to go. I’m also grateful that I’ve had no side effects whatsoever.

In terms of PCT, what duration you recommend?

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Wait three weeks and run Tamoxifen regimen

40/40/20/20 or 20mg Ed for 6 weeks is most popular

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I’ve been on an average of 2,800kcal per day in an attempt to do more of a recomp I suppose. I’ve been at 40% body fat a few years ago and it’s left me psychology traumatized lol, I don’t really want to put any fat on.

Apparently my daily requirement is around 2,600 when training 3 to 4 times per week.

My macro split is 40/30/30. Diet has always been the most complicated part for me, knowing exactly what and how much to eat.

I’ll dodge the teen :call_me_hand:thanks for the advice. How long should I do PCT for?

That’s low. I’d be interested of the estimate of 2600 is true. Are you gaining weight at 2800? It actually would surprise me.

But I like your recomp effort. It’s a longer game but it’s not bad.

I still stand by the advice I gave above. How do you measure BF%? I still think 1 kg is not realistic with your diet, cycle and training.

You’re the first person I prevented from going to prison I believe.

@blshaw gave you stellar advice

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Haha autocorrect…

I’m regularly getting scanned on an electric pulse scale that is giving me the measurements though I’m not really sure how accurate it is. I can see I’m some more fat around my love handles and face.

At 2,800 I’ve gained around 5kg now in total and can see some size gains. I’m in a very sedentary job and don’t do much movement throughout the day unless I go to the gym.

Regarding PCT, I’ve got access to Nolvadex. Should that still be 40/40/20/20?

Nolvadex is Tamoxifen. Yes in short.

Thanks dude!

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