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Test E/Tren E/EQ Cycle

This will be by 4th cycle. My last cycle was also a Test E/Tren E/EQ cycle. week 1-16, 600mg Test E, week 1-10 400mg Tren E, week 1-14 600mg EQ.

The only side affects I experienced was mild gyno that was eventually stopped with a high dose of prami, and eventually subsided completely during PCT and the 3 months following. and some terrible acne. i’ve always been prone, but it eventually goes away.

My new cycle I am thinking
week 1-16 750mg test E
week 1-16 750mg EQ
week 1-10 600mg tren E
nolva for 4 weeks, 40mg/day for first week, 20mg/day for next 3. taken 2 weeks after last test e injection. i’ll keep letro running until last injection, and stop prami 2 weeks after last tren e injection.

before first injection, I plan on running prami at .25mg EOD and letro at .25mg EOD for about a week and a half, and continue doing it throughout cycle. I realize most people say letro is a last resort, but personally have had zero side affects with doses less than 1mg. it works very well, and i dont see any reason to change it.

this is pretty much the same exact thing i did last time, just with higher doses. i’m also jumpstarting with prami and letro just to let it build up in my system beforehand–i didn’t do this last time and i think this would be a better choice to prevent tren gyno.

i have 5x 10mL vials of test e @ 250mg/ml
5x 10mL vials of EQ @ 250mg/ml
3x 10mL vials of tren E @ 200mg/mL
same brand and source as I used last run. if anybody has any better ideas of a cycle using this set up, please let me know.

jesus how much weight did u put on from your third cycle?! dude u must grow like a dam weed while on!

I’d probably run HCG if I was going to be on for 16 weeks.

i second the hcg. but yeah sounds like a bangin cycle. might be a stupid question but what r ut goals just curious. i kmow most ppl use eq for only bulking but ive seen it used for cutting too. what r u trying to do?