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Test E, Tren E, Dbol Bulk Log

Log to follow an 8 week cycle of Test/Tren/Dbol. This is a bulk, I’m working with a well respected IFBB pro on nutrition.

600mg Test E EW W 1-6. 700mg Frontload
400mg Tren E EW W 1-6. 400mg Frontload
Test Prop Week 6.5 -> 8 (50mg ED 6.5->7, 100mg ED W 7->8)
Tren Ace Week 6.5 -> 8 (40mg ED 6.5->7, 80mg ED W 7->8)
45mg Dbol Pre Workout on heavy days (3x/week, 135mg a week total)
10mg Nolva a day (HPTA support - see KSMan’s post “Why the PCT dosing in this forum is wrong”)
.25 Adex EOD

2 week PCT
week 1 20mg Nolva ED, .25 Adex E3D
week 2 10mg Nolva ED, .25 Adex E3D

I ran a 6 week cycle of prop/ace last year with the same ancillary use and PCT last year.

The Week 6.5->8 use of Test Prop and Tren Ace dosages are approximate. I’ve worked out (based on pharmacokinetics) the daily dose to maintain stable levels. This is there to clear the long esters while maintaining high test and tren levels and then allowing for a faster recovery.

Frontload doses were just ballparks, they don’t perfectly match the Bill Roberts equation. Sue me.

Adex use is based on bloodwork every two weeks last cycle and I know works for me. I’ll be fine tuning it based on bloodwork at the 4 week mark.

PCT Adex use is approximate. I cut up pills into 1/4s at the beginning of the cycle and use the smaller pieces in PCT, which ends up being more like .15-.2 E3D.

I know people like adex EOD, E3D works fine for me.

6’1" BW 230lb
Measurements (relaxed first thing in the AM, no flexing BS)
Waist 34.5
Arms 16/16.5
Legs 25/25.5
BF in the 12-15% range
Starting at 250 pro / 550 carb / 100 fat over 6 meals and clean food (bro diet). We’ll see how I respond and tweak accordingly.

AAS lets me train like an animal with super high volume and intensity, so I’m pushing it.
D1 - Heavy bench. 9-12 triples at 85%. Several singles up to 95%. Weighted dips, incline bench and pullups with a 5x10 scheme
D2 - Shoulder accessory work. Incline with a press bar 5x5 heavy as possible. Seated DB military press 5x10, db curl superset with band pushdown 5x10/5x25, upright row 5x10, side/rear lateral superset 4x15/10
D3 - Heavy squat. 9-12x3x85%. Several singles up to 95%. Split squats, Glute ham raise, reverse hyper and ab rollout 5x10
D4 - Tricep accessory work. Close grip with press bar 5x5 as heavy as possible. Weighted dip 5x10, rope pushdown superset straight bar curl 5x15/5x10, single arm tricep pushdown superset seated curl 5x15/10
D5 - Heavy deadlift. 8-12 singles at 75-80%, reverse band singles to 95%. Dimels 4x5x67.5%, heavy cheat rows, glute ham raise, reverse hyper 5x10
D6 - Leg accessory day. High bar close stance squat 5x5 heavy as possible. Split squat, glute ham raise, ab rollout, reverse hyper 5x10

That’s a shit ton of training, but I’m able to handle it.

I’m a week in. Here’s a few observations:

-As I learned in the 6 week cycle, I handle moderate tren/moderate test totally fine. Bloodwork (mainly lipids) go downhill but nothing to a point of concern, and they bounce back a week into PCT. I blasted Tren and Test at 100mg ED for the final two weeks (powerlifting competition) and after a two week PCT my cholesterol was 154 total, 53 HDL, 89 LDL.
-The first two days I had trensomnia, it’s gone now.
-Strength levels are already up.
-Dbol preworkout kicks fucking ass, although with that dose it’s a bit of a roller coaster ride.
-Weight is going up but bodyfat levels are going down slightly. Tren fucking rocks.

Not enough anastrozole to control that much T.
You are planning enough for 100mg T per week.
Front load will also spike E2.

Yep - E2 levels spiked on the frontload. I know from bloodwork last cycle that I’m not prone to estrogenic side effects, and thus I’m not pushing the adex too much. That said, I’ve thrown in an extra .25mg on two separate days now to control levels.

The spike from the dbol is a bit more noticeable, so I’m making sure to take adex the night before the dbol dose.

Incorrect, more than ample dosage of ai. Infact, you don’t even need such a strong ai at such dosages. People just repost shit they read on forums about ai dosage, it’s really nonsense. In ALL of the human trial studies of testosterone ranging up to 700mg test, NO AI was ever used and NOT ONE subject had gyno issues. Obviously the odd person will, but this is individual and you shouldn’t start at a dosage that likely isn’t needed. It’s not like gyno pops up overnight, you have time to adjust if there is an issue.