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Test E + Tren E Cycle

  • Hi guys . So i want to start Test e + Tren e cycle . I only did Test e 600mg a week ( 2 pins 300mg/ml ) a year ago , and i had nice results with close to no side effects only minor gyno indications.

  • Im 31 years old im 175 cm tall , i have 83 kg and around 20 % BF .

  • I want to lose some weight while gaining some lean muscle and definition. I practice martial arts ( Muay thati )

  • So now i wonder what dosage do you guys recomend me and if that cycle is ok for first time .

  • I also plan to have some HCG on hand wuld start from week one around 250iu twice a week and

  • Aromasin , 12.5-25mg every other day.

  • PCT would start 2 weeks after my last shot and consist of:

    • 100mg clomid daily for 2 weeks followed by 50mg daily for another 2 weeks
    • 40mg tamoxifen daily for 2 weeks followed by 20mg daily for another 2 weeks.
  • I did some reserch and this is what i came up . But im still kinda hesistant.

  • Also i have a huge fear of hair loss , and am i certain to lose hair after the cycle ?

  • Hope for some insight of you guys since you are well more expirienced then i am.

  • And sorry for my bad english .

Tren e is not the recommended ester for a first time tren user. Because of the longer half life you’re stuck in a bad place for a few weeks if you get some of tren’s more notorious side effects. Probably safer to run tren ace instead. That way if it goes sideways you can bail out much more quickly.

PS your English is just fine. No need to apologize for it.


i decided for tren E because im kinda afraid of needles and even 2 pins per week takes all my courage away. And if i read corectly tren ace i need to pin everyday with 25g syringe , thats scary.
alo i wonder can i pin Test and Tren in same syringe ? Or do i have to pin 2 times ?

Oh boy here we go…

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Tren ace can be pinned eod. But I understand where you’re coming from. You can put the test and the tren in the same barrel, no problem. But the larger issue is this: if you’re afraid of pinning (or don’t like it or however you’d classify it) then maybe gear isn’t for you. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. I was terrified when I had to go on trt because I had never given myself an injection and I was deathly afraid of needles. So i get it.


So this is your second cycle… What research have you done that suggested to run tren for your second cycle?

This IMO could be better accomplished with another test cycle. Or if you are so inclined add some var or winny to the tail end of test cycle

As you should be. I don’t know you personally but this probably isn’t one of your better ideas at this stage in the game

Man if you can’t get over the needle thing then I don’t suggest messing with gear. I doubt there are very few people who enjoy jabbing them selves with horse needles numerous times a week but it’s a nessecary evil to accomplish the bigger picture.


Sidebar: taking tren while also doing martial arts is going to be absolutely miserable. The drop off in cardio with tren is legendary.


i read about that , but i also read that it dosent affect your stamina. Because i need more opinions thats why i wrote here. and i realy apriciate everything u guys wrote.

I wanna lose that excessive fat and gain some lean mass , i dont wanna have to much water retention sice it will ruin my martial arts performance. Tren shuld help me lose some weight and get me some lean mass.

I managed to pin myself 2 times per week on my test cycle with no problem. But everyday seem a bit to much .

I have a good diet , and i train everyday , but my BF dosent drop anymore .

So you recommend winny instead of tren ?

If your body fat won’t drop then your diet isn’t good.


I dont make a habit of reccomending things to people who I don’t know. Never have seen Train etc etc. What Im saying is if I were you almost anything would be a better option than tren.

Hmm I personally retain a lot of water. Again I don’t know your body composition and how you hold water weight. But I do know winny keeps you relatively dry. At the same time tho I don’t know how winny will do with your joints while doing martial arts. Because I don’t know your current joint health (see this is why I don’t reccomend shit to many variables)

Anavar might be ideal for you. Idk. What you should do is research the hell out of those 2 compounds (anavar&winny) and decide for your self if one is right. But really do some good research bro not the type of research you did when you came up with the terrible idea to run tren!

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As already mentioned, Tren is a terrible idea.

Why not go for something milder, like Equipoise or Masteron, that is if you insist on adding a 2nd compound on your second cycle.

Also, based on my research, there is no need to run both Nolva and Clomid for PCT, just Nolva is adequate.


ok . Thanks for your help. I think ill do some more reserch before i take anything. Realy apriciate , your thoughts on this. If i wuldent write here i wuld proly jump in that cycle , now i have a bit better idea in what im dealing with .

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will , reserch these two compounds aswell . will be atleast a month before i start with cycle so ill do lot of reserch till then.

If you can get legit anavar then that’s a perfectly acceptable second cycle compound, especially if you’re attempting to lose some fat and maintain strength. It also aids in collagen synthesis which could end up being beneficial to someone who does martial arts. And it’s pretty safe, relatively speaking.

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So lets say 500mg Of test E per week and + 30 Mg of Anvar per day , wuld be a good cycle for burning fat and gaining some lean mucle mass ?

The trick is that i want to lose fat and gain muscle , so i can stay in this weight class. i wuld also love to lose that excess fat from my belly so my abs are a bit more revealed.

Below is a picture fo how i look now .

That would work, so would 500 mg test per week alone. The diet will predict your results.

yea thanks all. case closed. I realised i need to do much more reserch and decide what exactly i am aiming at . So thanks again , and thread closed .