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Test E/Tren E Cycle Advice


Second cycle starting in about 4 weeks. Previously took test e 1000/mg a week for 10 weeks and armosin to combat gyno. Went from 220-235 at the end of my cycle.
27yrs old
Diet is great on cycle (high protein moderate carbs and low fat )and decent off.
Been lifting for 10 years just recently got interested in bodybuilding. I’m Looking to run this 10-12 week cycle:
500/mg test e
200/mg tren e (first cycle on tren)

500/mg test e
200/mg tren e
Total: 1000mg Teste/ 400mg tren e
I have armosin to run if gyno becomes a problem; most likely will with that amount of test.

Any suggestions/advice will be appreciated. I know some people like to run tren at a higher level and test at a lower level but it seems people do it the other way around too. My goal is to build lean mass and not looking to get too cut right now.

I know tren and test attach to the same receptor and the tren is a lot stronger but I don’t want to do a high amount of tren seeing this is my first time using it


Thats alot of tren for a first cycle. Why not go moderate and try 500mgs of test and 200 tren.


Well I started my first cycle with 500/mg a week with test and didn’t see too much of a change. By week 5 I doubled it to 1000/mg week and really started seeing gains. Figured I’d stay at 1000/mg for the whole cycle and keep the tren low due to not knowing how I’ll respond to it


Sounds like maybe your gear is underdosed?


I would concur with the other post’s here. That sounds like a ridiculous amount of test to be using with a somewhat normal dose of Tren. Tren ace dosing is usually 50-100mg eod, used with maintainance levels of test, 250-500mg weekly. I would either consider lowering your proposed level of test closer to maintenance or easing back on the proposed amount of Tren to 25-50mg eod max 175-350 weekly tren e. If you really need as much as you’re proposing I would consider that your supply is possibly underdosed. What assurances do you have to the contrary? Medical-grade/lab-testing/etc?


The gear is coming from a reputable source but as far as it being underdosed, I can’t definitively say. Is there a way/place to test it? I’m going to lower my test down to 500/week for the cycle in accordance with the advice here. I’m a little nervous about doing tren e due to the potiental sides I’ve read and want to make sure my dosage is right before I begin.


Man that’s a pretty large amount of Test!! Have you had bloodwork done while pinning that much Test? Just doesn’t seem like you should have to run that much test to see results. Tren is amazing! 400mg a week is a pretty normal dosage . My first cycle with Tren I ran 500mg of Test and 400mg of Tren a week. I saw great results… but the side effects can be pretty brutal. Maybe you should start with the Tren a little lower for a few weeks just to see how your body handles it. You are running long ester gear, so make sure you give it some time before you change the dosage around. I really like running LE stuff because its less that I have to pin every week, unless i am in show prep. Hopefully the Tren is not too hard on you. Good luck bro!!


surprised nobody picked up on the problem here. You didn’t see results because you weren’t patient enough. People should stick to their original plans for their first cycle. So that’s unfortunate. 500 test for a first cycle will be effective for ANYONE. Shame on you, lol.

I think running tren e @ 400 per week is just fine. Tren ace is substantially more potent/bioavailable than E, and I think people tend to forget this when looking at tren cycles.

And I personally don’t see a problem with running a gram of test, since he’s already done it and been fine with sides, but dropping to like 750/week wouldn’t be a bad idea.


This is true, you dont feel much OP until like week 5+ so you just need to be patient, btw taking tren-E will mess you up especially if its your first time with tren, if you do happen to have any sides to the tren goodluck getting rid of them quickly.


Can’t argue with that. I would definitely agree I was impatient with seeing results. What kind of sides can I expect with Tren e around the 400/week? All I read about is the night sweats, possible aggression, and libido issues.


Thanks bro. What sides did you experience during your first cycle?

Also, my source is out of pct and all I have on hand is armosin. Will this be ok to take during or after the cycle in case any gyno starts? I previously had minor gyno after my 1000/week of test cycle


Easiest way to test it would be to have a blood workup done on a known and level dosage of your current Supply. While this won’t tell you the strength of your gear it will give you an idea of a personal effective dose and verify that what you have is indeed test, though admittedly I don’t know anybody that would counterfeit test because it’s so cheap.

Aromasin is an AI and is used in a preventive context with regards to your estrogen created at the aromatase enzyme from testosterone. It binds irreversibly and will not cause rebound however it also means you need to be more precise and deliberate in your titration. Since it is preventive you will want to run it from the beginning to end of your proposed artificially elevated testosterone levels. It is however not effective as a PCT because it does not stimulate LH and FSH like a SERM. You really need a SERM on PCT. Clomid and nolvadex are both cheap as hell and easy to find online without a prescription. Pick one.


surprised you haven’t come across appetite suppression. For me, that was the biggest one, and the reason I don’t plan to use tren again anytime soon. If appetite suppression fits in well with your goals, then it might not be a bad thing. And for me, the ‘libido issues’ were on the high side. Libido was through the roof. It can be a legitimate problem. A lot of people have trouble climaxing on tren, but are horny all the time.