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Test E, Tren E, Boldy Cycle Help?

I’m going to start my 2nd cycle from monday i.e 11 march 2019. The proposed plan is as follows: Week 1-12
Test E 500 mg/ week (Split 2x)
Tren E 300 mg/week (Split 2x)
Boldelone 500 mg/week ( Split 2x)

Will run Arimidex .25 mg Eod

The cycle will be 12 week long.

My stats are:
Height- 6’3”
Weight- 93 kg
BF- 15%
Age- 24

Cycle history:
Did one cycle before
Test e- 500 mg/week (12 weeks)
Anadrol - 50 mg/day (6 weeks)

My primary goal is to lean bulk and put on muscle tissue.

Any advice/help/correction is welcome :slight_smile: