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Test E/Tren E and Ketones


Without getting too terribly lengthy.....I am 39 years old 6'5" and weigh 265lbs @about 17% bf. I have done several cycles before and all included various test (prop, cyp, enanthate, sustanon). Occasionally stacked with dbol or winstrol. I decided after a few years off cycle I would run a test E/Tren E cycle at 400mg pw tren and 500mg pw of the test. Everything has been going well so far and I have completed my 6th week. The pinning schedule has been 250mg test and 200mg tren on Monday morning and Thursday night.

That fat has been dropping off around my mid section quite well going by measurements with tape measure and fat caliper. My weight has stayed the same so I would assume I am gaining muscle while losing fat even though I am in a very slight caloric deficit (-300 calories). Now if I forgot any information someone wants feel free to ask because I am sure I forgot something. On to my main reason for posting. I went to get my DOT physical today and the urine test showed moderate to heavy ketones present. I havents restricted my carbs so I can only assume that the tren burning a lot of fat for energy is the cause. Does this sound reasonable?

Just got a little nervous when he told me I had ketones in the urine but I haven't restricted my carbs any and im not on a super low cal diet. Everytime I have searched for AAS and ketones in queries I mainly get people who are dieting heavy but haven't seen any correlating tren itself to the presence of ketones. Thanks ahead of time for any insight or questions. It's my first tren cycle so I am not very familiar with it other than reading and reading and reading.


Ketones are produced when your body breaks down fat for energy use either from excess fat in your diet or lack of carbs.

Are you diabetic? What was your blood sugar levels?


Sugar, proteins, and everything else in the standard DOT physical were normal. My diet is MAINLY clean foods. It’s not dialed in quite as strict as I would like it but it’s not high in fat and it’s not carb restricted either. That is why it made me curious as to the ketones. I figured maybe just the high fat metabolizing from the tren (fat burning) might be causing it. I am not diabetic, choleterol is all in good ranges, blood pressure is text book. Just seemed weird.


I’m not sure I understand the question. What is it about the ketones that’s bothering you?


Nothing WAS bothering me but everyone makes it sound bbd since I am not a diabetic and not on a carb diet. Figured I would come on here and ask to see if anyone else agreed with my idea that it could just be the trens high fat burning causing it versus some kind of health problem.

Especially considering there are no signs or symptoms pointing to any health issues. Just reassurance I suppose. I guess two ways to find out would go see a doctor and tell him the compounds I’m on or wait to cycle off and recheck.


If you’re losing weight and burning fat, then yes ketones can be present in your blood. Thought that was clear.

Ketones, proteins, high creatinine are all common higher levels in people who conduct vigorous training daily. You just really need to make sure you’re hydrating.


Thanks for the reassurance. I thought it was pretty clear too honestly but the doctor made it seem strange Ä£ not normal if I wasn’t “fasting or diabetic”. It seemed perfectly reasonable to me since im dropping fat pretty quickly. I guess the doctors concerns just had me second guessing my own opinion. Figured it couldn’t hurt to check the forum and see if anyone else had similar results from urine testing or whatever. Thanks again.