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Test-e, Tren-e, and Equpoise

I waited 8 months till my natty test levels were up to par now i am ready for my next cycle.

How does this sound? Start with 300mgs of test-e 300 mgs of equpoise every week, and 200mgs of tren-e eod. Then i want to bump up to 600mgs of the test-e and equpoise every week and i wanted to throw some primo (methenolone enanthate)in for the second half of my cycle.

I wanted to run a 12 week cycle. What do you guys think? Should i change the mgs or is the primo going to be a waist?

A few years ago i did an test-e and equpoise cycle with kick ass results. This time i just added a few things. Any advice would be great!

Why are you choosing to start at 300 and then graduate to 600? Tren Enanthate could be done E3D rather than EOD. Especially at 200mg EOD that’s quite a bit of Tren; I hope you’ve done Tren before and have tolerated it well.

Personally, I wouldn’t run that much Tren. That’s a bunch. Also, I’ve run both Tren E and Tren Hex, aka Parabolan, and I liked Parabolan way better. I would just start the Test at 600/week as well I think. I don’t know much about primo, but it looks like a waste to me.

No i haven’t run tren before.But everything else i have done a few times. I will do every 3 days of the tren, and i will bump it down a bit. That is like the third time i have heard that, so i am going to take the advice.

Why do you think i should start an o higher dose of the test and equpoise? And you think after i am done with the tren that doing the primo will be a waist? Thanks for the advice.