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Test E, Tren E and EQ for a First Cycle?

Please let me know your thoughts and opinions

All three @ 750/wk. should be awesome for a first cycle. :wink:

Edit: Sarcasm


Now that is the definition of jumping in the deep end of the pool with both feet. Are you sure you can swim?
Have your strength gains tapered off?
How many reps are squatting with twice your body weight?
How many reps are you bench pressing with 1.5 times your body weight?
how many reps are you deadlifting with twice your body weight?

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Jesus. Don’t listen to this.

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Please post height, weight, training experience, goals, PRs and a picture if you want any legitimate help. It’s still the first week of the year and no one wants to hand out cycle advice to someone who’s 19y/o 30%BF and just started training.

or someone that can’t do 2min of research…

One search and you’ll find EVERY “first cycle” post, and the “test only” replies…


Fair point.

I revise my statement. 1000mg Tren E EOD, no test base, run it for 16 weeks and don’t bother with PCT. Your test base will return to normal for sure bro.

Oh, don’t forget Superdrol!

I sometimes wonder how many of these are real. I think sadly a lot of them are.


And no insulin? Pfffff…

Add 20iu insulin pre and post workout. Preferably be on keto.

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I think this would be a great cycle if you would also add in some orals. You should definitely do 50mg of dbol a day for the first 4 weeks and anadrol for the last 4 weeks. You shouldn’t need any liver support as this hasn’t been scientifically proven to cause liver damage.

Green tea two cups a day for PCT starting the second week after your last pin.

Edit: taper the green tea. So it should be two cups a day for first two weeks then only one cup a day for last two weeks. You don’t want to overdo it with the green tea as it’s known to cause issues.

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Since you’ve listed 0mg I suggest you stick with that.


I was going to suggest doing some research before posting, then I saw all the posts. I’m in agreement with everyone else. The only thing I would add is 1 shot of whiskey to accompany each oral you take, only rectally.

May as well throw 3 or 4 sarms on top as well. More is better!!


Pffft what about a little clen/DNP/methanphetamine combo thrown in there

Torch the extra fat gained from eating like a big man to get hyooge!

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Nah, you need dbol + sdrol