Test E, Tren E, and Dbol Cycle

I’ve dabbled a little bit before with steroids but nothing serious. I have a friend that juices and told me to do this cycle. He said
500 test
25-30 dbol
250 tren
Any advice? In mid 30’s and kinda tall. Want to get noticeably bigger and lean out some. New to the side ,so sorry for missing information

Before you start the cycle, make sure you have everything working right as far as your diet and training routine. What are you starting at as far as your weight and BF%? Some will say that you should not run tren as your first cycle because it is pretty hard on the body. With that being said, I ran a pretty high dose of Tren and test my first cycle. The sides were tough at first but the were tolerable after a while. I’d definitely have some sleep aids on hand for the insomnia. Personally, I ran my tren a little higher at 300mg and my test was at 500 for my first cycle. I saw great results. Make sure you have something like Arimidex so you don’t grow gyno boobs. I also have letrozole in case I really need it to get rid of any gyno that might be forming. The Dbol dosage seems fine. You might wanna taper up to those amounts depending on how your body is responding.

I’m just glad that I’m able to talk to someone who is not a dumbass 17yo who wants to do his first cycle that some buddy prescribed.
Good Luck!

I’m 6’2 and 235. I dabbled with a little Tren Ace and didn’t seem to have problems. But I would like to get some info on diet plans that arnt a arm and a leg and a solid work out program. I used to lift alot , but that’s been years ago. So I’m not green to the gym. Just want to do a solid cycle and look good.

Before you get on any drugs you should make sure your diet and workout program are consistent and squared away. Otherwise you are just going to cheat yourself out of results and, essentially, wasting money on gear. Everything needs to be in line if you want to get the most out of whatever you are pinning.

Also, if you used to lift alot but stopped… Your body is green to the gym even though you might know what you are doing. That is a main reason why you should get everything consistent and working right before you throw some drugs in your system. Get your body back on track with training for an extended period of time first. Your risk for injury goes way up if you go in the gym after a long time and you are running a cycle. Sounds like a nice pec or bicep tear to me.

what is your bf? at 235 lb, i would also do what moose said, get a solid 3 months of training minimum before shooting these compounds in, you might grow too fast and mess up your ligaments and joints.

the moose is on point. sometimes it’s hard to do as our anxieties get the best of us but it will pay off in the long run.