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Test E, Tren E, Anadrol Cycle -- Powerlifting

Hey guys, I’ve planned out my third cycle and am wanting to do this forum in order to track my progress and hopefully make some strength jumps leading into a powerlifting meet coming up in April.

My current stats are as follow:
250lbs (18%BF)

Bench - 365
Squat - 495
Deadlift - 585

Im hoping to run this cycle for 10 weeks, and possibly coast doing TRT doses of test once I come off for the remainder of the year. I have heard pros and cons of coming off completely, and my last two cycles I have come off completely and my body has responded well and my natural test prodcution has kicked back in.

Previous cycles include Test E 600mg/week 10 weeks and I most recently ran Test E 600mg/week Tren E 200mg/week and EQ 200mg/week

My next cycle will be as follows:
Week 1-10 Test E 600mg/week
Week1-10 Tren E 400mg/week
Week 1-4/5 Anadrol 100mg/day
Week 12-16 Adex 40/40/20/20

I also have Nolva on hand to combat any kind of sides, and keep the Estrogen down. If it comes to it, I will be taking .5mg Nolva EOD.

My diet I follow is somewhat strict, but I loosely follow Stan Efferdings “Vertical Diet” eating roughly 3000-4000 calories a day,with some flexible days as I am a husband and a father, therefor you have to stay human when they want something!

Following along with me, and hopefully I can make some big strength jumps!

Keep an eye on your BP with drol, especially with tren in there. You mixed up adex and Nolva in your writeup, which is harmless unless you make that mistake irl.

Good catch! Actually typed this at work :joy: so was kind of interrupted… with my last run in with Tren, my BP stayed pretty steady but have heard to keep up with it when using Adrol… will keep everything’s posted! I plan to do at least a weekly update of sides, weight gain, and strength gain!



So my source has shipped my product, and ive determined that there is a national qualifier powerlifting meet mid April. I will be abiding by Brandon Lillys “Cube Method” of training to prepare for this competition. I will be running this cycle with the pure intent of getting bigger, and stronger every single day. Really excited to see where this cycle and training cycle takes me! Currently eating around 3000 calories a day, plan to bump it up to 4500 possible if I can force it down while on the Tren and Anadrol.

Keep us updated on your progress, man.

I’ve had good success with the cube kingpin program (at least I think it was kingpin, found it at blackironbeast.com).

I ran it 3 times, and put around 170 lbs total on my total (as a natural lifter).

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I gotta say… those really aren’t very good numbers for taking that much gear, and being at that bodyweight. Have you considered that maybe something isn’t working for you between your diet and your programming? As big as you are, those are definitely numbers I’d expect to see from a natural lifter. If you’re having to rely on a high dosed oral and multiple injectables just to be where you are now, you really should take a good hard look at the non-drug aspects of your lifting life.

That being said, best of luck on this cycle, I’ll be following along if you keep posting!

I actually got my program from blackironbeast as well, they have a really good layout of the program and how to run it. Excited to see how it goes for me.

Fair points. I will be the first to say that my diet has been, especially recently, been more “loose” as far as not tracking and things like that go. I somewhat contribute it to a starvation diet that I was on roughly 18 months ago in an attempt to join the Army. I have in the past been more geared towards a bodybuilding lift and so haven’t focused on a lot of my power lifting movements. I think that I could make progress staying off gear at this point, cleaning up my diet, and working a program, however I decided to indulge and give this cycle a go and hope that my progress is just that much better!

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The lift numbers are exactly 45 and 25 lb increments, so maybe op has some room in the tank.

I would think twice about the tren and drol combo, especially since they both impact prolactin a lot, and the tren dose is double what op has experience with.

These 1RM are gym maxes, and havnt honestly been tested after running a “powerlifting training cycle” persay, rather it’s just been when I’ve felt good enough to go for a heavy single, i did it…
As far as the concern with sides and gyno, I have the Adex on hand for this purpose… I havent experienced gyno in the past, my biggest side I get is usually acne, slight increase in BP, and insomnia…

Adex will work for the testosterone to E2 conversion. I don’t think it will work for anadrol or tren. For tren sides you need cabergolin. Anadrol is technically non aromotizing, but something else causes issues (I am not sure this is completely understood yet).

Just a side note, Cube uses pretty submaximal work for 10 whole weeks. You may make faster strength gains using something that gets progressively heavier with the cycle you are running.

What are your thoughts on the 5/3/1 program, with added accessories? Progressively every 3-4 weeks increasing the weight that your handling?

I have never done 5/3/1, but have heard good things.

Cube will work, but it may end up being more hypertrophy skewed compared to strength skewed with the cycle you are on.

You could continue on with cube, but after each three week wave evaluate how hard it was. If it was a 6/10, probably recalculate the program with higher maxes. If it was an 8/10 keep with what you were doing.

BTW, I think cube gets easier as it progresses.

I’m under the impression that it is a peaking program in order to go into a meet. Therefore possibly run my cycle and use the 5/3/1 method is some added accessories, and then utilize the cube method to peak for a comp

So my cycle arrived yesterday, and today was first injection! Decided im gonna inject Tuesday/Friday. 2ml of oil going into your glute sucks btw lol… Injection was per usual, with a little extra PIP I chalked that up to the amount of oil, and also the tren. Im injecting with a 25ml 1inch pin… Took the 100mg Anadrol about 1 hour pre workout and had some deadlifts…

5 reps @ 75% 1RM = 315
5 reps @ 80% 1RM = 365
5+ reps @ 85% 1RM = 405
I managed to bang out 7 clean reps, and still think I had a little in the tank, but felt shaky due to pulling 500 for a triple last week.
Food has been scattered just due to the holiday, but cleaning it back up tomorrow!

Day 6
Successfully pinned a second time this past Friday with another 2ml of oil into my Quad this time. A lot more PIP with this cycle then any others ive done, but its nothing unbearable. I prefered injecting into my Quad this go around, because later that night I hit some squats and it really worked the muscle out and I didnt have nearly the PIP I had from injecting into my glute.

Finished my squat workout with 365 on the bar for 6 reps.

Noticeable sides really havnt had anything stand out to me. The Anadrol has been nice preworkout and has increased my pumps in the gym noticeably. As far as the Test and Tren, I can maybe start to see a little more aggression or being more “short fused” but its really too early to blame it on the Tren.

Day 10

I have managed to keep my diet fairly clean, hitting roughly 250g protein a day, and maintaining 3000-4000 calories a day. Tuesday was a bench day, and I put up 290 for 6 easy reps. The anadrol is absolutely amazing, and I can feel a pump within about an hour of taking it! The test and tren are starting to creep in with affects, and I can honestly say, and people have even said, that I look noticably “leaner” while gaining weight. Starting weight was around 245-250 and I am currently riding 255.

Sides arent really making a appearance yet, althought I believe that I have been sweating more and a lot more frequently. Along with that, im horny AS F*CK all the time, and im driving my wife nuts lol. Insomnia is my biggest concern, because I already have trouble sleeping, as well as shortness of breath, because I work a somewhat physical job. Will keep everyone posted!