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Test E & Tren Cycle

hey guys, i have a couple questions. i plan on taking test e & tren a in about a week & i just wanted to know if i have everything planned out correctly i’ve done a ton of research but i wanted opnions from some pros

Test E: 400 mg a week (Monday, Thursday,)
Tren : 50 mg every other day ( Tuesday, Friday,

nolva: 40 mg per day as my pct.

now a friends uncle told me to take a 5 week cycle but i have someone else telling me that its crap to take a 5 week cycle. so i’m just a litte bit confused, as one would be when they have poeple telling them different stories, just a little help & insight would be greatly appreciated, & correct dosage, this would be my first cycle…

Tren a should be pinned ED or EOD at the least, and 5 weeks of test e won’t give you shit unless you frontload

Frontload the test e. Pin the tren ace ED for optimal effects.

I would personally try and get your hands on some test prop and use that for your first week and your last week of the cycle.

As your first cycle, keep it at an easy 8 weeks.