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Test E/Tren Ace/Test 400

ok i am setting up a 12 week cycle. I have the following that I am going to run and just want to get an opinion

week 1-12 test E 500mg/wk
week 1-12 tren A 75 mg/eod
week 1-10 Test 400 400mg/wk

adex .25mg eod

I am going to do Monday 250 test e/75 tren a , Wednesday 400mg test 400 blend/ 75mg tren a , Friday 250 test e/75 tren a. Adex .25mg tuesday, thursday, saturday.

I have done research and this cycle looks good for just pure strength.

Why two different blends of test? That doesn’t make sense.

Tren dose is pretty low, but I don’t know much about that.

Haven’t ran Tren but heard its better a little higher with test ran at a moderate dose. Also I don’t understand using the two different tests. Your 400 should probably be injected at least twice a week also if you stick to using it unless it had propionate then of course EOD at least. I’d personally swap one of the tests for another compound and run Tren at least 75mg ED and the test around 350mg a week.

The reason for the test 400 is it has a blend of all the test compounds. it has p, e, c, deca, nand and 2 others in it. I might up my tren to 300mg and keep my test e at 500 or bump it up to 750 mg and drop the test 400.