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Test E, Tren Ace Help


In a week I’ll be running this cycle to lower as much BF as possible
Here are my stats:
5’7 ft
15% BF


Week: 1-12: Test E 250mg
Week: 4-12: Tren Ace 100mg EOD
Week: 8-12: Var 100mg ED
Week: 2-12: adex. 5mgs eod

Clomid 100/100/50/50
hCG 500iu/500/500

Should I get caber to have on hand?
Also my main question is when I start the Tren Ace at week 4. What’s the best way to split the Test so it correlates with the EOD injections. Can I split the Test E dose of 250mg for EOD injections and how or what’s the best way to do it?


5'7" 174lbs 24 Year Old 6-7 Years of Training

A few points:

  1. I would be tempted to run test p and tren a ed becuase Tren a is best pinned ed anyway.

  2. If you decide to stick with test e it doesnt really matter if you pin it with the tren or not… You could do the test twice a week with a tren shot mixed in.

  3. HCG should be ran on cycle… 250iu 3x per week.

  4. Adex dosing is good. - It is good practice these days to rub Adex through pct with a taler down too.

  5. Your PCT should be longer than 4 weeks. Try a lower dose SERM for 8 weeks.

  6. Quite a mild cycle but test/tren is my favourite combo. Make sure your diet is on point with a good carb cycling plan to make the most of it.

  7. Caber is good to have on hand. I personally never get any prolactin sides from tren and I dont know anyone who has experienced any. It doesnt seem to have the same prolactin sides as Deca, despite the 2 compounds both being 19nors. If you use the caber then 0.5mg 2x per week is a good max dose.


So, If I pin Tu/Thu 250mg of Test E
and Tu/Thu/Sat 300-400mg of Tren A
I’ll be skipping one day every week when it comes to the EOD pinning of Tren

Will it mess up my blood levels?


Pin .5cc test EOD with the Tren assuming your test is 250mg/ml

You can pin test E as often as you want aslong as your weekly goals are met

As for caber. I’de get some. I don’t use it unless I need it but there’s been a few time in the past where good old Mr. Woody wouldn’t get but 75% as hard as usual and I wouldn’t be able to climax for the life of me. Lol too much info but .5 caber e3d for a week settled that out real quick


Thank you Andy!

What you mean for doing the Test and Tren mixed will be something like this for example:
Tu/Thu 250mg of Test E
Tu/Thu/Sat 300mg of Tren Ace

but then I’ll be skipping a day of Tren (Mon), will that mess up my blood levels at some point or make them unstable because of that one day?

And yeah I’ll extend the adex and taper it down during PCT

I’ve done NPP and Deca before with no prolactin sides, so I’m guessing it won’t happen with Tren


I absolutely would not pin Tren A 3 days a week. ED is best. You want smooth levels, not massive peaks and valleys.


No, you need to be pinning tren a more freaquently… what im saying is of you need to do a test shot on the same day then just mix it in the same syringe…