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Test E - Tren ACE - Dbol Stack Question

Hey guys. I have been researching quite a bit about how to run a cycle of tren with the best results and as safe as possible. I have seen a ton of different opinions and recommendations on how to run it. I was hoping to get some solid answers with this post in order to feel confident running this for the first time. I’m initially planning an 8 week cycle of test 500mg and tren 250mg per week. Aromasin EOD at 12.5mg. I have Caber on hand but was not going to include it weekly. DBOL weeks 1-4 at 50mg per day split twice.

Quick summary about me: Training for 10 plus years. 6’4 225lbs at about 12% body fat. This will be my 3rd cycle. I am also currently on TRT at 250mgs of test per week.

  1. Is it best to run the test/tren at the same ratio? If not, should you run the tren higher or test. I have heard conflicting info on this question. I was planning on running Test at 500mg and Tren at 250-300mg.

  2. In regards to caber, if I plan on running 250 to 300mg of ace per week, would caber need to be taken weekly or simply kept on hand if prolactin becomes an issue? I did plan on taking 12.5mg of aromosin EOD to keep estrogen under control as I have read Tren can make any estrogen problem worse if this is not in check.

  3. As far as the sleep sides I have read bro’s taking Dbol to help here. I have read that the 2 (Tren and Dbol) are synergetic and do great together. Being that this was the first time running Tren I really didn’t want to add any additional compounds with the Test/Tren, however, if this was going to help out a bit I was open to it. I have taken Dbol before and had some pretty amazing results.

  4. Do you suggest ED pinning or EOD with Ace? I have heard conflicting into here as well. Obviously if I could get away with pinning EOD that would be preferred but if it decreases potential sides with ED pinning I would prefer that.

I do appreciate the feedback here gentlemen. I just wanted to ensure this was going to be a solid and safe cycle with a good first experience of Tren.

  1. Pick your poison. You’ll get an equal split between the high test/low tren and low test/high tren crowd. Turns out the answer is “whatever suits you best”, which is not helpful on your first run.
  2. You don’t take the caber unless you need it. And by need it I mean you have blood work showing prolactin is elevated enough to warrant using something like that. Most guys get away with P5P instead. You can buy it on Amazon and it’s good enough for lower dose tren runs.
  3. I have never heard of dbol helping with sleep. This is a brand new addition to the Bro Science Institute’s library. You indicated that you’re leaning towards just adding tren and nothing else, since this is your first run. Trust that instinct. You don’t need any more complications and I cannot imagine you not making great gains with a simple test/tren run. Dbol seems needless at this point.
  4. I think ED is recommended, but I have no experience in that particular matter. As far as the half-life of ace it looks—on paper—like ED would be preferable if you can do it.
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Man, I appreciate the feedback yuppie! As far as the P5P is that dosed around 200-300mg per day? I just ordered some off amazon after your post and looked at some info about it being proven to reduce prolactin levels. It looks like if 300mg of tren per week is the max I run the vitamin B6 should be pretty effective at managing that a potential prolactin issue.

Yeah, I think you are right on the Dbol as well. Im going to drop it and just run the test/tren. I’ll save the Dbol for a winter cycle.

Thanks again brother!

Question, if I’m pinning everyday can I use insulin needles with ACE (27g 1mL)? Also, if this is the case what would be the best site?

I currently pin twice per week with Test E in the glute.

I ran Test E and Tren A on my first run with Tren. I did Tren A 50mg everyday and Test E twice a week. I shot Tren along with my Test on those days then used 1/2" insulin needles to pin my shoulders on the other days.

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Sounds like I may do the same. Did you just use the delts for the shoulder? Also, did you need caber at any point with that dose of tren during your first run?

Thanks man.

Having taken both of these items (but not together) I dont see this connection at all regarding sleep. Tren causes crazy night sweats which is enough to wake you up on that alone. Dbol can lead to gyno and tren (in some guys) can lead to prolactin induced gyno. I think you are asking for serious trouble here.

Yes, side delt every time. I had a bottle of Pfizer Caber, but I never used it. No crazy sides, just typical night sweats and a little insomnia at times.

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Sweet. I’m just stoked that I don’t have to use the same needle for the delts as I was using for the glutes.

Yeah, I’d be nervous using my glute needle (1.5") in my delt. 1" is the norm for doctors offices/hospitals, so that length would also work if that’s what you have to work with.

If you pin your test in your glute, you can also use your ventroglute to rotate from your Delt. It is an easy spot too.

1/2" works for me in the delt. My wife pins me, no problems even with a cc in my delt

Using an insulin needle hammer? What gauge needle are you guys using for the delt?

25 g that I screw on. I draw with an 18 g.

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I draw with a 20g or 23g and backfill a 28g 1/2" insulin syringe.

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I use insulin needles for my trt injections and hit delts (left then right) and just do that twice a week. My pins are 31g .3ml.

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