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Test E /Tren Ace Advice

What’s up guys this is my first Tren A cycle and I’m currently ending my 2nd week I’m running it 300mg a week/ my test is 500mg. I have absolutely have no sides except crazy dreams, not seeing crazy results, my diet is amazing and cardio 3x a week. Now I’m wondering if I should up the tren to 400mg a week or just keep this dose. Thanks guys.

I would say keep it where it is, at least for a few more weeks. Two weeks on it (even in ace form) really isn’t that long.

Dude what to expect after two weeks of a cycle? When people say things like “no crazy gains” or whatever. Your body takes time to make changes regardless of how many chemicals you throw at it. Remember that gene expression happens first and then then neuro effects kick in then physiology changes.