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Test E/Tren Ace Advice. First Tren Cycle

Hey so im currently running test e 500mg a week with dbol, I’m almost done with my cycle for my first 5 weeks, now I’m gonna introduce the tren ace… can I lower my test e to 250mg a week or leave it to 500mg? and my tren will be 200mg or should I bump up the tren. Please lmk guys this is my first tren cycle too I wanna keep sides to a minimum. Thanks again

How many cycles have you done? What are your stats(age, height, weight, yrs training, etc.)?

How long is your cycle going to be?

I would keep test at 500mg and add tren A at 50mg per day (350p/w) for the last 8 weeks of the cycle.

Personally i do need caber with 19nor’s. I’m not sensitive to estrogen but as soon as i add a 19nor i get nip issues even when E2 is low so you might want to have some on hand just in case.