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Test E / Tren A / Winstrol


This will be cycle number 4. First was test, second was dbol test, third was winstrol test. Now looking to start this cycle to cut.

Currently 11.5% bodyfat.

Test E wk1-12 - 125 x2 a week
Tren A wk2-10 - (50/75/100) eod
Winstrol wk6-12 - 50mg ed

The questions I have.
What would be a good starting dose for tren a? I have read a few things.
Do I need to take arimidex for 250mg test e?

I do have Caber and Arimidex on hand.
Got Nolvadex for pct.


Of those who like using trenbolone (some simply do not) the very large majority can use 50 mg/day. I would use that rather than 50 mg every other day.

If you insist on making the injections every other day, then 100 mg every other day but this will result in some days being very obviously higher in trenbolone level, and others weak.

Most do not need Arimidex with only 250 mg/week testosterone but there are exceptions.

Personally I would do a blood test before the cycle and include estradiol among the tests. If your value is moderate such as in the 20s pg/mL then I’d doubt that 250 mg/week testosterone would be a problem and personally I’d try without the Arimidex and optionally test estradiol a couple of weeks into the cycle for knowledge. The level would indicate whether it should be added or not.

If estradiol was already in the upper part of the reference range then I’d add it from the start.

Testing can be ordered online rather than needing to seek a doctor’s permission in person.


Keeping them steady sounds like a better idea. Even if it means more pinning.

I live in Canada so the testing is free. Just running out of different reasons to tell them I need certain things tested. It took forever to find one doctor to do the estradiol, no one seemed to want to do it “they don’t want to support the lifestyle or enable”.


In that case, I don’t know if online ordering is available.

Definitely agreed, daily injection with trenbolone acetate is worth the extra injections.


There’s a study showing lowest cardiovascular risk when estradiol is is in given range… would aiming for that range be found a suitable reason?


Ahaha amazing! I would let that fly. The docs response would most likely be just get off the stuff.

It is also funny because tren kills cardio.